I am shallow
I am vain
I work for a multimedia corporation's internet division
I have access to new and upcoming internet sites
Have you heard of Birchbox?

For a nominal monthly fee 
you get a box of samples tailored to you,
to your preferences
all gleaned from a profile you fill out.

After you get the samples if there's something you like you can purchase a full size version on their site.

I got my first Birchbox last night. 
check it out:

Oh and this month, 
in honor of Earth Day, 
they partnered with EcoFabulous
and went totally green 
(not the background, 
just the box and it contents, 
the background is my attempt at a backdrop 
for my desktop shoots.)

On top of the samples was a list of the contents  

LIV GRN natural eau de parfum, 
Suki, exfloliate foaming cleanser, 
Weleda, a wild rose scented smoothing facial lotion, 
Zoya nail polish in Dove (such a good color) 
Zhena's Gypsy Herbal tea (Italian Camomile).  

And inside the ribbon tied packet?

That little square of paper?  
If you plant it, it will flower!  
Its Bloomin's handmade paper,
 they made all manner of stationery items.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, 
I just found a good thing and wanted to share. 

And since today is the deadline for filing income tax
I thought everyone could use a little vapid, shallow, fun

Did you mail your taxes off already?
Are you a last minute-get-to-the-post-office-one-minute-to-midnight filer?
Did you need an extension?
Shallow, vain, nosy me wants to know!