vive la difference!

I am not sure 
how the art in the photo above
 relates to the thoughts rambled on about in this post.  
There are two art galleries neighboring the spa 
I get my massages 
this was in the window this last time 
I've been trying to think how to use it 
to title it 
should it be here 
among disjointed thoughts

 as I type its nearing 9 p.m. 
 Jack throws a hissy, literally, fit nightly at 9 
because I once gave them kibble at 9 
Toonman is asleep in bed 
curled up under comforters 
one cotton one down
 its flickin' freezing in the bedroom 
before he could find a way
 to seal off the in window AC 
he got sick.  
Its bloody cold in there.  

No tea tonight, 
I am on a not diet 
because who am I kidding 
I dont need a diet 
if I win the lottery 
I can buy all new jeans in 
larger sizes.  
No tea. 
Because I put sugar 
heaping teaspoons of sugar 
in my tea.  
Coffee is drunk black unsweetened.  

The DVR is recording two programs
And I am enjoying the quiet
the hiss of the radiators
this brownstone has radiators 
ours has a lovely hiss 
with a sporadic sizzle sound 
not quite bubbles but steam vapor.  

Now its Rose's turn.   

I was looking at my desktop 
the little white packet 
Morning Glory Seeds
 in a neat hand 
sits next to the 
iPad Camera Connection Kit 
arrived last week;
 the iPad cover will be here on April 15
  April 22 this year of Steve Jobs brilliance I will get delivery of my actual

Maybe I will make some tea learn to drink it straight.