vive la difference!

I am not sure 
how the art in the photo above
 relates to the thoughts rambled on about in this post.  
There are two art galleries neighboring the spa 
I get my massages 
this was in the window this last time 
I've been trying to think how to use it 
to title it 
should it be here 
among disjointed thoughts

 as I type its nearing 9 p.m. 
 Jack throws a hissy, literally, fit nightly at 9 
because I once gave them kibble at 9 
Toonman is asleep in bed 
curled up under comforters 
one cotton one down
 its flickin' freezing in the bedroom 
before he could find a way
 to seal off the in window AC 
he got sick.  
Its bloody cold in there.  

No tea tonight, 
I am on a not diet 
because who am I kidding 
I dont need a diet 
if I win the lottery 
I can buy all new jeans in 
larger sizes.  
No tea. 
Because I put sugar 
heaping teaspoons of sugar 
in my tea.  
Coffee is drunk black unsweetened.  

The DVR is recording two programs
And I am enjoying the quiet
the hiss of the radiators
this brownstone has radiators 
ours has a lovely hiss 
with a sporadic sizzle sound 
not quite bubbles but steam vapor.  

Now its Rose's turn.   

I was looking at my desktop 
the little white packet 
Morning Glory Seeds
 in a neat hand 
sits next to the 
iPad Camera Connection Kit 
arrived last week;
 the iPad cover will be here on April 15
  April 22 this year of Steve Jobs brilliance I will get delivery of my actual

Maybe I will make some tea learn to drink it straight. 


  1. I just came home from Brooklyn and Siren nearly tripped me screeching that his treats are late
    they're all the same

    I say have the tea and sugar

  2. You only live once. Have the damn sugar. And a hissy. Fit.

  3. Have a cup of tea with sugar, dear - you deserve it!
    Lovely lovely post

  4. I'm trying to figure out whether those things are cookies or candy.

    Which reminds me....have some sugar in your tea, no one will know.

    While you're at it, give Jack some kibbles.

    I miss my radiator as a kid in RI. One day Mudpie Marie invited me in to warm my hands on her radiator. Then she gave me hot cocoa.

    I'm off to bed early...don't know why.

  5. Radiators! Oh, I remember that hiss, also how very successful those pipes were as alarm clocks when banged on by an exasperated grandmother. Inescapable!
    Take the tea with sugar.

  6. Go for it Daryl! Personally...I'd have the black coffee.

    I love my little iPad Camera Conn. Kit, but it kind of aggravates me that none of the devices I have tried to plug into the little USB that comes with it...actually work! I keep getting the message that they take too much power. BUT. I do LOVE my iPad...don't know what I ever did without one!!

  7. The one on the left gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Mr. Happy ;).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  8. I haven't had sugar in tea or coffee since I was 16 years old.

    Are you really sure you would be happy buying a larger size jeans? ;)

  9. I think when you get your iPad you will be very happy. I hate the tease of getting the 'stuff' before it though!!

    You don't need to lose an ounce woman! Put that sugar in!

  10. Stevia Raw. Love the art. At least Toonman is getting the bed warmer than if you got in it first.

  11. Funny, I drink cold tea straight but have to have sugar in hot tea. Thus, no hot tea for me! Because a larger size jean, in my case would be a very unhealthy thing!

  12. I think that art work is priceless! I drink my coffee black too. Not a hot tea drinker. I'm struggling now to keep from getting bigger jeans! AWWWWW.

  13. I agree with is too short. Add the sugar. I think I might just do that myself today.


  14. What kind of tea do you drink? Can I send you some that is good with no sugar???

  15. I don't know how I feel about how my gender's genitals have been reduced to a smiley face.

    Have you tried Earl Grey tea? It's my favorite. Black tea with a hint of bergamot flavoring, especially good with a bit of milk and (for me, anyway) a heaping spoon of sugar, but it's good straight up, also.

  16. well hell I think my comment got devoured... so here it is again
    I LOVE LOCAL honey for 2 reasons
    1. its awesome in hot teas
    2. it is supposed to help with Local Allergies.
    and have your tea if I WIN the lotto I will buy you new jeans :)

  17. love those! we already have our ipad 2 AND the new cover - the mr is VERY happy about it! i hope yours arrives soon!

  18. have you ever tried tea & stevia? I wish I liked coffee with stevia but it's too sweet, but with tea I love it. It's a sweetener that's actually good for you.
    Isn't it funny how animals remember times? If I do almost anything at a certain time Priscilla thinks we should do it again at exactly the same time the NEXT DAY!
    & lastly, we have radiators too, I love old radiators.

  19. I second what mama said.

    And I love the sound of your radiators.

  20. Don't go cold turkey off the sugar. Gradually dose down. I've gotten to where I hardly notice if my tea is sweet or not.

  21. Cancel your order and I'll send you a damn iPad from the B'ham Apple Store. That's ridiculous. I thought you'd get one there in just a few days.

  22. Just think how much you'll enjoy it when you get it! Like Christmas, although it is ridiculous to have to wait so long.

    I agree. Have the damn sugar!!

  23. Daryl skip the sugar, I don't want to suffer alone...

    love the little people and the widows too. I hope the toonman is feeling better..

  24. Many will argue my friend but tea is best taken black.

    Then again - it does seem to matter what kind of tea it is and how strong you make it.

    I can't stand strong tea. It hurts my stomach. But I use to drink tea by the gallons until my brother kept bugging me to try his cappuccino. Naturally - always wanting to help - I did. Now I can't get enough coffee! Dammit!

    Still - I'm going right now to put on the kettle. A simple cup of orange pekoe is on my list.

    I use to drink all kinds of odd mixtures and tastes but have gone back to the orange pekoe and stuck there. And it is decaf to boot! What is wrong with me?!


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