Ma Nature?,
 its spring. 
You remember spring,
 the season where it doesnt snow, 
the season when the temps gradually rise
 the season where showers happen mostly in April 
May can have flowers?  
That season.

This morning as I listened to the weather report 
seeing footage of suburban snow 
I looked out the window 
urban snow on the parked cars.  
Streets wet with slush.  

I was foolish enough to believe spring was actually here this past weekend 
packing away all my boots.  
All of them neatly boxed. 

 Good thing I put the Hunter box on the top.

Trudging up the hill I stopped to record the snow for you, dear reader, 

 it was all slush 
wet tree limbs

And this very sad sight. 

 Poor tulips, you tried.

And by you?  What's the weather like?


  1. Ah, yes. Spring. We had it last week. I vaguely remember it. We had freezing rain and snow last night. Thankfully it is slightly warm enough that it's slushy and not icy.

  2. We got faked out again as well, though not as badly as you. Just when we thought it was all over and spring was here to stay the rain came back. Cool and rainy today, downright yuck tomorrow. Supposed to be back to warm and sunny by Saturday though, and fingers crossed it will stay that way! I have to admit though, much as I hate winter, these late rains have brought absolutely stupendous wildflowers this year. Almost worth it ;).

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  3. The bradford pears and magnolias are blooming, as are the violets and daffodils. But! a drop in temperature and severe thunderstorms is forecast for today - goodbye blossoms, darn it.

    wv: prized the prized blossoms are short lived

  4. Been raining a whole lot in Portland, Oregon. However, last Saturday the sun came out for most of the day--it was glorious. Flowering trees are beginning to bloom, too, giving us hope. Of course, it snows up in the mountains, but that's not where I have to be, thank goodness.

  5. It has been in the low 80s here for the past week or so. A pretty nice Spring but, I would like the temps to be a LITTLE cooler for a while!

  6. It's cold and rainy here in Thurmont, MD, where we are due for cooler temps this weekend. I'm ready to start putting out some flowers, too, to make this house look like women live in it! LOL!

    Hope the snow goes away there soon, Daryl. Peace - D

  7. Spring is here...and it's coming around the bend...heading your way!!!

  8. Amazing minds think alike. Pop over and check out me.

  9. It started as rain and now we are getting 3-8 inches of slushy mushy white stuff.

  10. snow here. and more tomorrow they say. My bulbs tried to come up 2 weeks ago, for some reason, but are now fully buried...

  11. Other than a few fierce thunderstorms things here are warming up and looking new!

  12. Snowy and very blowy. We have a few inches of the white stuff.. and still going very strong.

  13. it appears that we bypassed spring and jummped straight into hot assed summer all week has been upper 80s and heavy pollon... gah

  14. 70 degrees right now, tornado warning sirens earlier (now the sun's out), and we're supposed to get flurries overnight.
    I freaking hate spring.

  15. It's RAINING! Yippee! It only rains a few days a year here so I'm doing the happy dance! Before I know it, it'll be 110 and I'll be crying. So for now..."I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!"

  16. Wet, cold, windy, horrid. The temp here today was 32 with a wind chill of 18! The rain froze on the mailboxes. I had to bum rides to and from work today and for tomorrow as well, because the high for tomorrow is predicted to be 30 (early) and then fall into the 20s. I can't ride on ice! Grr! The normal high here right now is 48. That's 48, Mother Nature! Get with it, woman!

    My Tigers are supposed to open the season there against your Yankees a week from tomorrow. Think it will happen?

  17. I'm gonna hunt that groundhog down and shoot him!

  18. Okay. That is a hill.

    Same as Laura Peach. 80's the past few days and lots of pollen. But right now storms and cooler the next few days which is fine by me.

    We tend to skip Spring and Fall.

  19. Wicked storm this evening, brought some hail and terrible wind. George was afraid.
    Luckily, I was inside at the tax office and didn't get finished until the rain and hail stopped.

  20. First, I love that next to the last shot with the twisted back limb.

    SEcond, we had lightning here tonight!

    Crazy weather.

    wv: colingl. When two people who don't speak the same language live together.

  21. Yes, snowing here too. Sorry that is probably my fault as I was hoping for some snow. I better let you all enjoy the spring instead.
    Miserable day, snowed on us as we walked home from the train. Out visiting Mummy at work and in her doctor's rooms, seeing an ultrasound of the baby, and having lunch out with Grandma.

  22. We are having our typical Spring in Alabama...a few wonderfully mild days which morph into hot days too quickly. It's been in the mid 80s although the temps are supposed to drop into the mid 60s for the next two days. I adore it when it's in the 60s. sigh.....I only wished it lasted longer.

    Your snow will be gone soon and Spring will arrive there for good, I'm sure. From my mouth to God's ear.

  23. Yuck!

    We've got daffodils, irises and some tulip buds out here. Hoping we don't get a late season freeze. After the last few years, I'm now swearing by the advice of the hardware store folks who said not to plant anything before Easter, no matter how nice the weather is.


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