monologue monday

Its Monday.  
Since starting this monologue I am no longer dreading Mondays.  
I lie.  
I still wish the weekend was longer.  
Especially this past weekend because it was a good one.

It was a relatively quiet week at the office, 
the bosses were all on vacation, 
a yearly event all us not bosses look forward to 
it means we can come in/go home pretty much as we please.  
It pleased me to leave at 4 p.m. on Friday.  
Of course this confused the cats who think when I get home its dinnertime.  
After all our real dinner times 
Toonman and I watched a movie. 
a British comedy, 
with Bill Nighly, Emily Blunt and Harry Potter's Rupert Grint.  
A funny farce, get it at NetFlix.

was a very cold and windy day, typical March weather.  
After beautifiying™ , 
I dropped off the dry cleaning, picked up a few things we needed and headed home
Toonman was up for a walk. 

We headed out walking north on Riverside Drive
 after the incline 
(small, very small hill) 
between 83-84th Sts 
we crossed to the park side 
and had a sit 
on one of the benches 
in the sunshine.  

I snapped a few photos

the trees are budding!

Walking back 
I took a page from my friend Kate's 
took a 
'the back of my husband'

He really only uses the cane when he's outdoors walking.  
He's walking just fine now.
We walked 12 blocks
his new personal best!

there was more beautifiying™
and another movie!
Tony Scott's
Denzel Washington
Chris Pine
Its a very predictable movie, 
the outcome is fairly obvious 
it was still fun, at times edge of the seat exciting

Less exciting was the basketball
Toonman watched before and after the movie.
Sorry Kansas lost,  Annie!

And a shout out to the self proclaimed 
that emailed me.  
Thank you so much for your kind words
I havent ever been up to The Pool in Central Park
but I think next weekend if its nice I will head up there.

Thank you all
 for your comments, I love them
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I won’t be able to respond. 
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Hope you had a wonderful weekend
What did you do, see any movies? Read any books?


  1. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend. Mine was slightly more crazy and included prom dress shopping for the daughter. I did managed to read a book this weekend: Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts. I highly recommend it.

  2. So glad things are sounding so normal. Great weekend! Maybe you can negotiate short Fridays as policy! Lots of place have that.

    Toonman is walking 12 blocks? FANTASTIC!

  3. he is a dashing figure with his cane
    I can't wait to visit and play dueling canes

    glad you had a nice weekend

  4. Good to hear Toon Man is doing so well!

    You did a lot of beautifying at weekend Daryl. ;)

    We took the grandkids to visit greatgranddad on Saturday afternoon, went to the pub with friends on Saturday evening, I made a Sunday roast dinner yesterday and watched Dancing On Ice. :)

  5. Go, Toonman, go! Tomorrow it will be 14 blocks!

    Your weekend sounded perfect. Mine was a mix of workshops and sleeping and hand bell practice. Now, doesn't that sound exciting?

  6. Your weekend sounded relaxing. Glad to see you are both taking it one block at a time. Between the basketball and way too much snacking we went to the movies to see Lincoln Lawyer (thumbs up). Enjoy your week.

  7. 12 blocks is a decent jaunt in NYC. Good for him. And he's somewhat dashing with a cane.

  8. Just wonderful to see Toonman out walking! He cuts quite a figure:)
    Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend - I did watch UK beat UNC..a great win!

  9. Sooo glad Toonman is almost running!
    Our weekend was full of laundry, cooking, eating, friends, church and plenty of wine. Not all in that order! And never long enough!

  10. Toonman's looking good!

    Yay for budding trees. We spent Saturday on a picnic in the same forest where I shot the anemones a few weeks ago. They're gone now but I did find a few poppies and lots of chamomile instead :).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  11. I went out drinking Saturday night- it was actually a lot of fun, and I ran into people I haven't seen in ages. :)
    Love that you guys are taking walks - hope the frigging weather gets better so you can do more of it!

  12. As I hurt my back & have been taking it easy, this weekend was no different...laying on the couch, with a heating pad under my back & kitty on my chest & yes, watching my fair share of movies (Unstoppable included! Predictable yes, but you gotta love Denzel). My others were: Letters to Juiliet, Salt, The Tourist, The Kids are All Right & Remember Me. Some good, some just so-so but an easy way to pass the time if you can't move much. Also just finished reading the Harry Potter series (for the 495th time). I'm not ashamed to admit that I am in my 40's & I'm a huge huge fan of the books. So much so that I will not watch the movies, ever.
    p.s. love the pix from your walk with Toonman and adore the shot from behind.

  13. so glad to hear of Toonman's progress!
    I went to see a high school play, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I love musicals so it was fun.

  14. Well, you do a lot of beautifying if you ask me! I want to do some beautifying. Maybe I should come to NY.

    So good to see Ray doing all that walking!

  15. Ray certainly looks dapper with his cane. And you.. just how much beautifiying™ can you possibly need.. you're already gawgus!

  16. Toonman looks like he hardly needs the cane at all :D
    Sounds like a fabulous weekend. We mixed basketball with "The King's Speech"--absolutely worth every award and all the hype.
    Hoping it will warm up soon...

  17. Love that shot of Toonman.!
    My 'mini' vacation is over and
    I am not adjusting well to my
    old routine. Goofing off suits
    me better.

  18. It sounds like a great weekend. I cleaned and cooked and had company on Saturday. On Sunday I sat and watched movies all day....The Fighter and The Switch....both okay...I enjoyed them.

  19. We watch something on Netflix almost every night of the week. Yesterday it was a couple of documentary's about growing weed in California and using it for medicinal purposes. Interesting... but the people that grow it are certainly out of the mainstream.


  20. Toonman looks quite debonair if you ask me!

    Love your wandering words my friend. You bring me right along with you and that is what it is all about.

    Start writing something if you ever get a chance too.


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