monologue monday

Its Monday.  
Since starting this monologue I am no longer dreading Mondays.  
I lie.  
I still wish the weekend was longer.  
Especially this past weekend because it was a good one.

It was a relatively quiet week at the office, 
the bosses were all on vacation, 
a yearly event all us not bosses look forward to 
it means we can come in/go home pretty much as we please.  
It pleased me to leave at 4 p.m. on Friday.  
Of course this confused the cats who think when I get home its dinnertime.  
After all our real dinner times 
Toonman and I watched a movie. 
a British comedy, 
with Bill Nighly, Emily Blunt and Harry Potter's Rupert Grint.  
A funny farce, get it at NetFlix.

was a very cold and windy day, typical March weather.  
After beautifiying™ , 
I dropped off the dry cleaning, picked up a few things we needed and headed home
Toonman was up for a walk. 

We headed out walking north on Riverside Drive
 after the incline 
(small, very small hill) 
between 83-84th Sts 
we crossed to the park side 
and had a sit 
on one of the benches 
in the sunshine.  

I snapped a few photos

the trees are budding!

Walking back 
I took a page from my friend Kate's 
took a 
'the back of my husband'

He really only uses the cane when he's outdoors walking.  
He's walking just fine now.
We walked 12 blocks
his new personal best!

there was more beautifiying™
and another movie!
Tony Scott's
Denzel Washington
Chris Pine
Its a very predictable movie, 
the outcome is fairly obvious 
it was still fun, at times edge of the seat exciting

Less exciting was the basketball
Toonman watched before and after the movie.
Sorry Kansas lost,  Annie!

And a shout out to the self proclaimed 
that emailed me.  
Thank you so much for your kind words
I havent ever been up to The Pool in Central Park
but I think next weekend if its nice I will head up there.

Thank you all
 for your comments, I love them
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Hope you had a wonderful weekend
What did you do, see any movies? Read any books?