monday monologue

Monday monologue or how I spent the weekend.

Friday morning I was anticipating Friday evening not just because it was the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend but because I was going to have my much anticipated Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday/Valentine's Day gift from Toonman .. an iPad .. the NEW iPad .. I'd held out for it vs the 'old' iPad and it was finally here.

I get a small discount if I buy through our company connection (literally a link to Apple's website store) so I logged in, put all the things I wanted: iPad, camera connection, Apple Care extended warranty, red leather cover into my 'cart' and I saved it.  I decided to try and go to the Apple Store on Broadway on the way home and buy it there BUT if there was a long line, I'd go home and click on my 'cart' and buy it, it would arrive in 5-7 business days... at least that was the plan.


The line snaking around the block, up the next street looked to be at least a 3 hour wait, so I smugly walked on home ready to log on and click PURCHASE.   Except that when I did my 'cart' was empty and now the wait for shipping was 2-3 weeks .. 2-3 weeks.


So I did what any electronic nut would do I ranted at the computer, I whined, I cajoled but my 'cart' remained empty.

Saturday I went to Exhale Spa on Madison/77th Street where Ron worked out the 2.5 months of tension I'd accumulated since last I saw him.  90 minutes later muscles relaxed, neck, shoulder and lower back aches vanished and I felt 2.5 months younger.

Walked down to 66th Street to meet my pal Blondie at Match a cute but over priced bistro off Madison.  We ate, we talked, we drank, we discussed where to go and what we wanted to buy.  First a trip to Crate & Barrel for a teapot.  Nope.  I am in search of a specific size, a specific type of teapot.  Alas neither Crate & Barrel nor Bloomingdales nor Zabars seems to have one.  We also stopped at Bergdorf to oogle the jewelry, drool over the shoes and buy some of the base I use from Chantecaille.

At the Apple store on Fifth Avenue the line was much shorter but they were sold out, anyone waiting on/in the line was going to get a gift certificate which they could bring to the store at a 'later date' to redeem their iPad.  I decided I'd would just wait til mid to end of the coming week and go in person to either the 14th Street or Prince Street stores and buy one there.

On the way from Madison to Fifth 
I spied this

I wondered what sort of 
pretty red flowers
 they were so I moved in 
for a closer look


Little red glass flower shaped lights!

Park Avenue also seems dressed for spring .. 
this is the intersection at 57th Street
there are HUGE flowers at every intersection on Park Avenue
as far as the eye could see

Yikes .. even the creepy crawlies are huge

And these adorable 
lollipop-ish flowers 
on Park between 57th and 58th Sts

Sunday we woke when the outside door buzzer BUZZZZZZZED at 5:30 a.m.  okay, it was 6:30 a.m. but still it was a rude awakening.  Fresh Direct had delivered our order the day before.  The entire order was covered in the 48 oz of apple sauce that had broken in shipment/delivery.  Toonman had put it on the off white foot stool of the slipper chair because he didnt want to bend to lift it off the floor AND he was working with a client so it sat there a while ... so when I got home the stains had pretty well set in.  Sigh.  Fresh Direct was apologetic about the breakage and the mess promising a credit AND a redelivery of the apple sauce.  I never expected them at 5:30, er, 6:30 AY EM.

The rest of the day I spent beautifying I had my leopard Minx toes re-Minx'd in a flower power Peter Max pattern ... now if only it was warm enough to wear sandals!  

Oh yes the iPad search continues ...  this morning I logged onto Apple via the office connection and there's my 'cart' still loaded but now its a full month before it ships.  I've made sure its saved but I'll be schlepping down to one of the aforementioned Apple stores to see if I can snag one there.

Once again verbosity strikes, seriously I dont know how to not go on ...... thanks for visiting, I do really enjoy and appreciate your comments!