monday monologue or the good, the bad and the shopping

First off,
 I am a lot behind this morning due to the rain,
the unbelievable slowness of this computer.  
Whining will be intermittent, this will be verbose, 
so go get a cup or glass of whatever
depending on your time zone

Weekend was lovely, really lovely.  
The rain predicted for Saturday didnt arrive 
but neither did the warm temps promised 

After beautifiying™ 
I picked up a few things Toonman needed and headed home.  
After lunch we took a walk.  
We walked, slowly, up 4 blocks on the park side of Riverside Drive 
then back down on the opposite side.  
Eight blocks.  
A very big deal a month after two major surgeries.  
We spent the rest of the day being lazy, watched a movie
 - Morning Glory - 
its not a fabulous movie but it was fun, entertaining
I snorted once, laughed out loud twice.  
Harrison Ford is still hot, Diane Keaton is still Diane Keaton
Rachel McAdams is charming, 
does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer Garner?  

I wanted to go up to the roof after sunset to get a shot of the fantastic moon. 

this photo stolen from this guy

But I fell asleep! 
On the couch. 
waking in the middle of whatever we were watching
I went to bed.  
Totally forgetting a once in 18 years experience was happening 

When did I remember?  
Sunday morning.  

After moaning and whining 
I headed out for more beautification™ 
a trip to the Eastside 


Well last weekend I got a pair of very inexpensive, well fitting jeans.  
putting them on Thursday 
I discovered the inventory control thingie was still attached!

You'd think I would have felt it when I tried them on.  
the check out  had been a little chaotic 
had I not looked at my receipt I would have overpaid
 because the sales ditz charged me for someone else's items!  

On the way to Bloomingdale's 
Blondie and I walked across 62nd Street
just shy of Lexington 
I spied this

Okay, that's not what I saw first 
apparently I forgot to upload -  or maybe I just wanted you to wait to see - what I saw.  
Nevertheless, we looked at the menu.  
It was very yummy, so in we went.

We shared those mussels.  
I had a salad, Blondie had fish tacos.  
So good.  
All of it.  
with full tummies we headed to Bloomingdales 
 inventory thingie removed from my pants, apology accepted.  

We visited a Prada purse Blondie covets, then did a little shopping
there was 15% off everything.  
Oh my did I ever misbehave!

The black pants are Vince cargo pants, very nice fit.  
The blue is the pair that had the inventory thingie removed,  
its a French company I cant remember the name of .. what a surprise. 
I remembered 
(with help from Google)
Comptoir des Cotonniers! 

Remember when we could remember things?  

This pretty thin cotton top by Tahari has a very subtle animal print
then I really was bad.  
Blondie, its all her fault, wanted to look at shoes
uh oh

Are these not the cutest summer flats evah?  
Navy, beige, with red trim.  

To make up for making me spend money like a drunken sailer, 
Blondie paid for the cab back across town.  
When I got home Toonman told me he'd been out for a walk:
10 blocks!  
I am so proud of him.  
I nag, I whine, I continually annoy him with my never ending questions and reminders. 
 I do it because I hate him, you know.  
I am a nag but I am also a praiser.  
When he does good he deserves to get told so.  
And 10 blocks on his own with just the little FLIP and his cane
he took the FLIP so he could record his walk 
to show me he did 10 blocks.  
Interesting that a videographer/editor like him took a lot of footage of the inside of his coat pocket.  
He now knows where the off button is.

Oh and the moon?  
It never came out on Sunday nite, 
I know because I went up to the roof 
3 times to check.

So, what did you do this weekend?

Thanks for taking the time to wade through all the verbosity 
for leaving comments they are appreciated!