Again, playing to the word theme ... today's word is 
And its a funny story  
At least it is to me  
When Kate came into the city this past Saturday she drove up from Maryland 
we planned on her parking near my apartment.  
She was going to stay with her son overnight downtown 
I was going to drive her there
on Sunday morning, 
I'd pick her up.  
Parking in my 'hood is usually easy 
Saturday morning there wasn't a open space anywhere  
she did finally find a spot on Riverside Drive 
 asked two passersby if it was legal, 
both said 
Of course as soon as she walked up my street a spot opened 
was snapped up by an SUV that had been waiting
no biggie
she was parked

Later we discovered it wasn't legal at all
she'd gotten a parking ticket!  

So much for saving on overpriced indoor parking downtown. 

We decided not to think about it 
to just go on and enjoy what was looking to be a perfect day 

The Carousel was closed but there was still a lot to see
(click on any photo and it embiggens)
like the Dairy where there is now a gift shop 
the new tenants are much smaller

Those needle like things 
are to keep pigeons 
from nesting there 
dropping bird poop all over
these house finches are a lot smaller
and smarter 
but no less 

There are a lot more photos of our day in park 
I'll be sharing them here and over at my photo blog
and you can see some at Kate's blog
the theme today is direction, 

After a lovely day out, a yummy dinner ordered in and two super movies watched
we decided it was time for me to drive Ms Kate
It was an easy trip, across town and then downtown
it took maybe 25 minutes
After she got out, I turned right heading toward Third Avenue
What I didnt realize is Third goes two-ways down there 
I made a bad call turning 
I soon realized I was heading in the wrong direction
making a spur of the moment decision 
I turned 
beginning to look for a cross street that would take me 
I somehow found my way to Sullivan Street.
I know it leads to Sixth Avenue
of course I was going in the wrong direction!
Soon I was really feeling stupid
 I remembered that my iPhone has a compass!
A compass!
At the next stop light I opened the Compass
 South East?
Totally the wrong direction
Looking around I spied a sign 
Turning right I headed to what I knew would take me home.
at the Westside Highway 
I saw a sign
Manhattan Bridge
Uh Oh
That's not the direction I want so I turned 
in a few minutes I realized 
 this time it was easy to figure out how to reverse this mess
I needed to hang a left at the first intersection
Of course it had a sign reading
a mere technicality 
after all I wasnt actually making a 
I was going to make a 
 then to be sure I took out the compass again

I was laughing to myself, what a dingdong I am
I've lived here my entire life and needed a compass to get home!

Speaking of direction
only one of you hazarded a guess as to what/where this was
its in Belvedere Castle and its the very very very narrow stairway to the top
that's a mirror angled so you can see if the way is clear 
only one person at a time can fit the 
narrow width of the turret the stairs are in.
those paper stars?
I've no idea why they are there but they sure made me want to take a photo

more photos soon, more chatter too!

Disclaimer: the compass photos are a re-enactment, I didnt have time or forethought to take a screen shot while being lost


  1. Too funny! Those one-way streets will get you every time!

  2. Oh what a shame your friend got a parking ticket. Parking regulations aren't easy to make out sometimes are they?

    I couldn't even find my way using a SatNav never mind a compass, I have absolutely no sense of direction. LOL

  3. OMG! you can't use you phone when you drive... it's illegal to text or talk while driving...
    Oh, wait, you were compassing,

  4. I still can't believe you got lost. And that your iPhone has a compass!

  5. You could so sell this to Apple as an iTestimonial for their product. That's too funny... and clever.

  6. I don't get lost....
    I just take the 'scenic route'....

  7. Never ask a New yorker if something's legal...

  8. Well, I could make some sort of comment about Sullivan Street, seeing as how I'm similarly named, but beyond that, I've got nothing.

    Oh. Except to say it IS a funny story, and I'm glad you finally got home. There's that. :-)

  9. comforting that even a real New Yorker like you can get turned around....look at all the wonderful words! Glad you are getting back to Daryl-normal

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral



  10. I think you just wanted a little extended driving time. At least that
    is the excuse Bob uses whenever we
    take a road trip.. ya never know where we will end up. My favorite
    was the time we were driving around Philly headed to our hotel and we
    wound up in Atlantic City.
    A GPS ... fuggedaboutit

  11. Gracious!

    wv: latera. Most i-hops (my father's latest word for an i-anything,completely unrelated to a pancake house but everything to do with apple products) have a latera sense of direction built into the compass.

  12. Well, that's an all 'encompassing' story if I don't say so myself.. lol lol lol. Sorry, couldn't resist.

  13. Funny story. It's amazing how easy something can seem until you are in the thick of it. Glad you made it home.


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