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A dog in East Hanover, New Jersey is suffering from “kennel burnout” and needs help.

Her name is Bella, and she was tied to a dumpster along with her puppies in a heavy snowstorm, and abandoned. The people who found her nearly missed the puppies beside her because they were covered in snow! Bella was in terrible shape, but she was brought to the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, where all of her puppies were quickly adopted. Alas, it’s often harder for the grown-up mama dog to find a home, and Bella hasn’t been picked like her puppies were.

Now, she’s starting to spin in circles and show other signs of kennel burnout. She just can’t take it anymore. She’s even starting to get grumpy with people.

This girl needs to get into a foster home – and fast! Is there a dog-savvy foster or permanent home out there who can save the day?

Please contact Jennifer Gregory at

You can also help by posting Bella’s flyer around.


  1. Aww poor Bella. So nice of you to get the word out. Right now, I'm not seeing these jpgs though.

  2. Some people don't deserve to have the pleasure of a dog's company. If I lived closer, Bella would have a forever home with me - she looks like a sweet girl.

  3. Beautiful dog. Heartbreaking that people will choose puppies. Our last dog was four years old when we adopted her and she was such a sweetie. Already potty trained, too, which is such a plus. I hope Bella can find a good home.

    PS - Maybe there's a special Hell for people who tie dogs to dumpsters along with their puppies. You can always hope! Maybe we could rewrite Dante and give them their own circle;)


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