we got rhythm

As you can see from his thank you toon, Toonman is home.

B's taxi service picked us up around noon 
it snowed overnight into the morning
 the sun was shining 
 we were finally headed home.  
Thanks, Mayor Mike for getting the sandspreaders out early this time

When we got home Jack hung back but Rose was front and center. 
all the photos in this post were shot with my iPhone 
I didnt have my camera.  
I am never without my camera.  
I didnt take a purse so I didnt have my camera.  
I had schlepped all his clothes up before B came to get us 
so Toonman could get dressed 
B wouldnt have to double park for however long.  
Dont you love it when a plan comes together?

Rose was thrilled to have her Big Cat home.  
Jack hung back at first but they were snuggling on the couch this afternoon

This woman, 
Peggy O'Mally 
has been so wonderful.  

Last nite Toonman had what now know was an anxiety attack.  
He got so worried something was wrong that he couldnt sleep even with Xanax 
he was wheezing and whistling all night.  
Peggy said call her if we needed and we needed.  
She got an chest x-ray (clear!) and had radiology call her to come read it there.  
She told him that she wanted him to relax, that everything was okay, not to worry .. 
she banned him from sitting at the computer, 
she wants him sitting with his legs up 
or taking walks outside at least twice a day.  
While I went to get more perscriptions filled, he took a nap.  

Then we watched The Kings Speech.  
Such a fabulous film.  
Just brilliant.  
And freaky.  
Derek Jacobi years ago starred in I, Claudius and he ages over the series.  
Well, in The King's Speech Jacobi plays the Archbishop
looks exactly the way he did as an old man in I, Claudius 
except now they didnt need to age him.  
He's aged. 
Real life aged 
looking the way the character he played when he was younger was aged.  
Is that not freaky?  
And Colin Firth I just love him. 
 I think I have given up George Clooney for Colin Firth.  

Toonman is asleep,
 its been a long day, 
he did a lot of walking.  
He was amazed at how weak he feels, how slowly his body is insisting he go.  

Not to get sloppy here,
segue to:
eye candy
this is the hot French nephrologist ... 
no Chanti or fava bean jokes!


  1. Holy moly on the French doctor. I mean, seriously Wow.
    Glad things are coming back to normal, albeit slowly. When I was sick that time, back in late 2009 (nothing like this, though) I was shocked at how slowly I was returning to normal. He's got to do what they tell him to do. And return slowly. Your body won't let you do it any other way.
    Take care, my friend.

  2. He looks so tired, bless Rose! Nothing says welcome home like a fuzzy hug! Thankful you have someone trusted to call for advice etc. and the French Neurologist? Poster guy! The kind you put on your bedroom wall. :)

    Get some rest.. here, there, where
    ever you can.

    This is not how this year is suppose to go! No more trauma.

  3. Derek ain't the only one, LOL.

    The pic of Rose & "Big Cat" made me cry.

    SO happy your voyage together continues!!!!!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral


  4. Oh that photo of Ray and Rose is just so tender I'm so glad to read this post.. and you finished off with a REALLY nice photo! ;)

  5. LOVE that photo of Ray and Rose! They know, they truly do.
    So happy that he is home at last. Great post (but I am never giving up George Clooney. Never. Not even for that hot French doctor.). Now, you breathe, too, hear?

  6. Thanks for the EYE CANDY...
    needed that !!

    Glad Toonman is home and perhaps
    following orders...

  7. I am so glad Toon man was able to come home today, and I sympathize with him having an anxiety attack - absolutely no fun.
    What a tender picture - Rose loves him so and that love is returned!
    Ooh la la!! Does the doctor make house calls?

  8. Yay, welcome home Ray!

    PS Lovin' the eye candy...

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  9. a perfect ending to a perfect story. thanks for sharing this with us Daryl.

  10. I am so glad Toonman is home with you and kitties. It sounds/looks like he is just as happy.

    Have had anxiety attacks; NOT fun.

    And woof and hubba-hubba for the nephrologist....I can see him across a table from me, with a glass of champagne and toast/foie gras....or even without....

  11. Ray just needs to follow doctor's orders and he will be fine. :)

    Oooh La La that French doctor sure is nice eye candy.

  12. Good to hear your hubby is home at last, and life is returning to normal, if there is ever a normal these days for any of us.

    Only a couple more weeks, and
    I'll be back in NYC for a few months. Yay. Can't wait. Might have said that before, sorry to repeat myself if I did.

  13. glad he is home, safe and sound...and that he didn't have to ride the subway.

    and yes, a very pleasant looking Frenchman. he makes me feel better! ;-)

  14. I think I have a nephrology issue. Get me an appointment stat!

    Hugs to you both!

  15. Holy Crap!! How did you keep yourself composed around THAT doc!!

    Love that "Lovin" pic of T & R's reunion!

  16. LOVE the photo of Toonman with the cat. Absolutely LOVE it.

  17. Hooray for good medical care and compassionate staff! And hooray for hot doctors to keep Daryl entertained! ;)

  18. Toon & the Rose...no better medicine in the world! Sweet...unconditional love. Welcome home Toons. Keep those feet up (and your chin too!).
    King's Speech, too fab! One of my favorites.

  19. A sight for sore kidneys, that French doc.

    Wow, I didn't know Toonman had been having these troubles. I've been under a rock for a while now but am glad to come out from hiding just as Toonman is getting better. I'm feeling all groundhog-like, a harbinger of good health. Maybe I could form a partnership with the nephrologist.

  20. You know what? Hot Doctors keep things entertaining. They are a necessity like really compassionate nurses.

    Love this - and I too will not give up Clooney - even though I love me some Colin Firth. Clooney is too classic...we need to keep him around.

  21. Glad Toon feels better. I concur he needs to obey orders. Love the pic of white kitty - adorable! I may be behind the times, but who is Colin? Doc is kinda cute. Cheers Daryl!!

  22. A lovely, loving post put together in your inimitable style!

    So glad Toonman is home and surrounded by his furry feline friends!

    Thanks for your visit today.

    Best wishes, always!

  23. Mr. French Doctor is both McSteamy and McDreamy!

    I had no idea how long it had been since I had time to visit until I read a week's worth of posts to catch up with you. I'm so glad to read that the Toonman's rhythm maker is keeping the right time now.

  24. So happy Toonman is home and I LOVE the pictures!

    Plus, the nephrologist or whatever is HOT. Reminds me of Ralph Fiennes...

  25. That nephrologist is looking RIGHT THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN AT ME. All the rest of you ladies, just get lost... it's me and him forever. *oops, sorry Hubby*

    Glad your fella is home, Daryl. There's no place like home to recover. :-)


  26. I cried when I saw TM with you kitty but rallied when I saw that fine Doctor. Help me stop!

  27. wasn't the king's speech amazing? and funny too!!!

  28. The pic of Ray and Rose is adorable and definitely tugs at the heartstrings. Glad that Ray is on the mend. Anxiety attacks can be THE worst! I once had one in public and thought I was going to crumble to pieces as my legs nearly came right out from under me. Also, I've a dear friend who gets them more often than we should at our young ages but I especially feel for him when he has one when he's trying to go to sleep and thinks he's going to die if he does fall asleep. I'm not sure I can imagine that horror. Thank heavens that you have a special contact at the hospital to help assuage Ray's nerves as she did.

  29. Better late than never. Oh my goodness gracious alive what a hottie! Oh. This is about Ray LOL

    He's a hottie too of course and I hate he had an anxiety attack, but the photos are so sweet and I know he's happy back home. I'm the Queen of Panic. Sucks.

    I love the shot in the taxi. I swear I felt like I was moving!!

    Word Verifi: dialis French for hottie kidney doc


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