waiting patiently

Sorry dog people.  
I've not had much free out and about time recently 
so there's no new dog photo this week
Just a shot of two frienenemies: 
Jack and Rose.  
Dont they look angelic?  
Trust me, at least once a day
 there's a lot of hissing growling and running/hiding that happens.  
At that moment they were curled up on the love seat 
waiting for the Big Cat 
(Thats how they think of Toonman, as the top cat in the pride. How do I know this?  I just do)
 that's his blue robe.


  1. Peace in the kingdom, short-lived though it might be. Glad Big Cat is back!

  2. Well they look like the best of friends and so cosy in that photo. :)

  3. Top dogs are hard to come by and Top Cats are even rarer, thus, they must be revered and look who is sleeping on the robe? love that Rose.

  4. gorgeous kitties..they've called a truce because the Big Cat is home!

  5. I always get siblings in the hope they will get along "most" of the time..they do...
    But oh those "off" moments...

  6. A cat's life looks equally as good as "a dog's life." I love observing pets at rest or sleep. These two look life fast friends, despite the occasional discord.

  7. Such sweet repose! My own cats fall into the same pattern as yours - hissing, swatting, chasing and hiding, and then a calm moment of snuggling up together. I think it is just how cats relate. The sleeping on the robe - those cats know whose it is and are trying to stay close to him!

  8. That looks sooo cozy. Cats are the ultimate nappers...

  9. oh look at them
    so sweet
    they are both so pretty
    I wish Siren and Iza would do that
    they will not allow any touching of each other

    hugs to Big Cat
    and more hugs to the caregiver to all
    love ya

  10. Awwww....the peaceful kingdom.

    Looks like you matched your sofa to the cats. They make a perfect match. Toonman needs a golden brown robe.

  11. I never would have guessed they could be enemies. After they wake up, I think the white cat might need some chiropractic work on his/her neck. That does not look comfortable at all.

  12. They look lovely. I like both dogs and cats.

  13. Don't you wish we could sleep in such bliss?? I do... thanks for sharing.

  14. How weird is it that we both posted sleeping cat photos??? You would never know that they ever hissed at each other, as peaceful as they look in your photo.

  15. Cozy, cool cats which is as it should be considering their master is the Toonman!


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