waiting patiently

One of the best 'new' shops on Amsterdam Avenue is Stoopher and Boots.  While Stephanie aka Stoopher specializes in kid clothes, toys, accessories she also has an eclectic collection of fabulous jewelry for adults as well as some really fun and interesting tschkas ... and yet the best part of visiting her shop is this:

this is Scout

Do you not want to kiss this nose?
(apologies for the not totally focused photos but I was snapping fast without a flash)


  1. I've never kissed a dogs nose but I know a lot of people who do.
    I would definitely kiss this ones forehead though.

  2. adorable... looks sooo soft and just needs to be rubbed and loved on :)

  3. What a pretty little spaniel! I'd give her a kiss:) I get them all day long, most are unexpected, from my dogs!

  4. Thanks for this post about the store!
    Scout is going to get a big head from all of this attention, but will love every minute of it!

  5. such a sweetie! I have a pup who's nose is shaped like a heart. I don't actually kiss it but her nose hits my lips sometimes when she's all over me :)! Cute dog -xoxo


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