Friday felt like Saturday, I guess because I left the office early to go console Toonman who had not been given the green light to leave hospital.  For a man who could also claim the nick of Tuneman, his heart was totally out of rhythm (a word I have learned to spell only this week).

It took 2 trips to Amsterdam at 114th to accomplish said consolation .. the first from my office to the apartment to get a warmer coat: people February is a fickle month and the leather jacket that I wore to the office was now not warm enough.  The cats were thrilled, they got kibble as a bribe so as not to attack me when I get home hours past their usual dinnertime.

Took the M104 from the apartment to hospital, with a brief stop at University Hardware to return the broken teapot.  We discussed how bored he was, how he really wanted to go home, how his numbers (he insists this irregularity is a number thing .. I have no idea) need to 'be right'.  Maybe if he had a DVD player and some movies to watch ... and his bathrobe .. and well maybe pizza...


Home to get the bathrobe, the DVDs and because I am SO smart I pocketed his headphones.  Then I trekked to PC Richards where for a pittance I bought a Panasonic DVD player which had no headphones .. told you I was smart .. then TAXI!!!  back to hospital.    We ended up having pizza from Strokos an overpriced but good deli/pizza place across from the hospital.

When I got home around 9 pm there was a pile of boxes, shipping envelopes and bills waiting for me:

The replacement for the FLIP my sister got us for Channukamas arrived.  The. Battery. Was. Dead.  I said that at least 10 times to the Nepalese person on the phone at Cisco before she agreed to replace the whole deal and not charge me to ship it.  Either way.

A FLIP battery charger I ordered .. self explanatory, no?

A new Uncommon case for my soon to be iPhone 4 ... AT& T you are so stupid, I want to re-sign for 2 yrs so why do you make me wait til the exact day the contract ends?????  Huh? Why?

And there was the pretty Catherine Malandrino blouse I ordered in a MEDIUM is a size SIX a medium?  I think not.  But that's what was sent .. I dont think I was ever a size 6 .. my shoulders are WIDE .. BROAD, they dont fit into a 6 and frankly neither does the rest of me.  Re-packed and posted back.  There's more but seriously whose still reading ...

 Saturday felt .. well not like Saturday but not like Sunday.

I wanted so badly to sleep in, to be able to just sleep.  Maybe all day.  A silly thing to want to do when there are two cats outside the bedroom door at 5:30 crying loudly and you need to get moving so some beautification™ can happen before I head to hospital .. he called me twice this morning: first to ask me the name of the pain med he takes then to tell me he found a pen and paper so please give him my mobile #.   Turned out John who blow dries my hair for me had a family emergency so I rescheduled my 10:30 appt to 3 pm.   I also treated myself to a fabulous Michael Stars dolman sleeve black t-shirt, a leopard print scarf (see BlueRidgeGal Di, I told you I am addicted) and this cool multi-strand necklace.  I'll model them for you another day, promise.

TAXI!!! back to hospital with not only beautified™ hair but also Mexican food - the best guacamole in Neueva York -  from The Great Burrito and a chocolate shake from EJs.

I beat him at Scrabble.

He napped.

His rhythm is finally settling down.

The great cardio-thorasic surgeon Dr. S stopped by, the man is painfully shy.  I dont think he can look at you and speak at the same time.  He told me he's just a plumber.  I thought later I should have asked if he'd bend over .. yes, I did and I am not sure if I had thought of it then if I would have filtered ... and then this gorgeous Frenchman, er, nephrologist came by in blue eyes, the whitest teeth I've ever seen, a blue oxford shirt and jeans ...  his just the right amount of gel black hair was cut a la McDreamy  I am not sure that my kidneys dont need a doctor ... ahem where was I ...

can anyone read these leaves?

This evening's verbal diahrrea was brought to you by Asian Pear Green tea from Teagschwendner .. a veddy high brow tea shoppe that recently opened on Broadway.

And what have you done this weekend?  Dish!


  1. Wow. I'm exhausted just reading this! I hope that Toonman's "numbers" will be in order soon, and that you will get at least one more opportunity to interact with McDreamy;) I found a Le Creuset 5.5 qt. dutch oven at Marshall's today for $89...this SCORE pales in comparison to your accomplishments!!! ((hugs))

    WV: ovent I knew it was fate that I found that pot today;)

  2. Oh my....I read this to the end, and I hate to tell you it was entertaining =) That is just not right is it??? I hope the Tuneman gets to go home soon, or else we will all be rolling in the isles and you will be bald!!

  3. Black gel hairs??
    I need a picture of that to go with my fantasy.

    No bargains to speak of. Fage was on sale.

    Taxi?? I am the Taxi.

    Soon to maybe be the dog walker..
    (Dogs are good friends when you want to get out in the fresh air.)

    also accepted the title of "Wing Leader" read official hall monitor. No joke!

    rather a boring Sunday.

  4. Hey lady! Just checking in to see how toonsman is doing, and you too of course :)

    I hope he comes soon super soon! Sleep now. Sleep, and rest and sleep.


  5. I read it to the very end..and read one part twice - what did the cardiologist think about Toonman's numbers?

    You were tooo busy for it to be a Saturday, but I'm glad you were able to console for a while.

    The only thing I did out of the ordinary was bake a red velvet cake.
    Hope you can sleep in tomorrow!

  6. well i got nothing LOL... has been a nice weekend though... temps in the 80s glad you did some things for YOU ;)

  7. Oh come one.. who could stop
    reading ??

    ... and all I did Saturday was
    follow a pelican around the pier
    at Cedar Key...b-o-r-i-n-g !!!

  8. I read it to the very end Daryl! I'd love to see you modeling your new outfit and necklace!! What a busy lady you have been!! So glad that Toonman is doing better though...and I really hope you can get some sleep tomorrow!!! Hang in there Daryl!!

  9. I read one part twice too, the part about Mr. McDreamy.

    Also, I thought those were collard greens in that cup. I either need more coffee or some collard greens, I'm not sure which.

    Hope today is more relaxing for you.

  10. I'm actually enjoying reading about your time, so don't worry that no one's reading! :)
    I did nothing, but I did have the house all to myself last night, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The quiet was glorious!
    Now it's like, ice - raining outside, so I have to hope I can get by on what we have at home so I don't have to go out to get anything.
    I am such a rock star.

  11. as far as I can tell from the leaves it says that things will be better

    love ya

  12. I've just been looking at birds, did some badly needed vacuuming, worked on some photos in PS. Can't get a taxi around here. And I'd have to travel far to find one of those t-shirts and a leopard scarf . . .
    Loved reading about your days, though. Of course I'm still reading!

  13. Read the entire thing and the McDreamy part made me SMILE. Hope toonman gets to break out soon.

  14. Love your writing, Daryl. I hope Toonman's numbers will be back where they should be and he/you can go home. Forget the Frenc...uh, nephrologist...

    This weekend I went for a....haircut! I'd been letting my hair grow (always been short) and was suffering through an awkward stage, which transformed into a 'need a haircut' stage. Believe it or not, I went to a hairdresser to whom I had not been in 25 years... I'd lived in the suburbs for a while and am now downtown, back in her neighborhood, so... And she recognized me, under all my hair, and made me, ahem, gorgeous.

  15. I'll take a nap now after reading about your day! Of course, being up until 5 this morning doesn't help either!

    Glad to hear Toonman is complaining. He's obviously feeling better. And that's the best news!

  16. I've done nothing of importance other than give away a jacket WHICH YOU WON SO GET YOUR DARNED *ahem* Patootie over here and claim it and send me your address so I can mail it to you and your broad shoulders!!

    *WHEW, I'm out of breath*

  17. Shit, nothing to compare with you darlin.... or TM.
    Carry on. You both are amazing.

  18. I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow Daryl!

    I got to play with my new iPhone that I've been patiently waiting for.

  19. I like how you do this. It's almost as if I'm actually in NYC. Vicariously. All the trekking and schlepping...why wouldn't you be a size 6? And no. Not medium.

    The two of you will be happy campers when all is said and done! Soon.

  20. Really great post. A day in the life isn't it. Our weekend was a 4 hour long annual board meeting (cabin-homeowners). Egad. Nearly missed the beautiful 74 degree Saturday inside listening to people grumble.

  21. How refreshing to read of a surgeon with humility. He must be a true healer.


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