monologue monday

When we last left Toonman he was settling into his room.  Since then his surgery has been postponed and another surgery added.  He is a popular guy.   Its like Seattle Grace ... all the doctors want 'in' on his case.

Did I tell you about the weird roommates he had on his first incarceration stay on 9B?  There was the poor man with early Alzheimer's who made screaming/choking noises all and I do mean all the time.  His wife thought he was coughing .. no, seriously.  Then there were, separately, two elderly Hispanic gentlemen who alternately cried or called for the nurse all day long.  Lastly there was the biker who fractured his foot, he was only there for 2 days during which he walked back/forth to the bathroom many many times ... I wondered if he thought it was therapeutic exercise.

This time was different.  This time we met and adopted David.  David had pneumonia for the third time this winter but will soon be sent home to be lovingly cared for by his soon to be husband Fritz.  We love them both.  David's birthday was Friday and he had a small party to which he and Toonman wore hospital gowns but no tiaras.

Fritz brought cupcakes from Magnolia

and a lovely bottle of Prosecco.

 David and Toonman toasted with ginger ale

The best part is that on Saturday afternoon the "team" decided that Toonman could go home and come back in the day of his surgery!  So we packed up and headed back home, sadly David had to stay but we spoke to him on Sunday and he hopes to be home soon and visiting us.

What was left of the weekend was nice.  My friend D and I had manicures (I, of course, had a pedi as well), went shopping, to lunch and generally had a lovely day, I felt like Cinderella since I still had the laundry, vacuuming and household crap to do .. I had no idea how much work Toonman does between working with his clients and making Toons for me.  I am very spoiled.

And lastly .. happy birthday to me .. the gift I wanted most was Toonman well and home .. I'm getting half of it so I am very happy ...


  1. Happy birthday, dear Meanie. May it bring you everything you could wish for.


  2. l think they are called fringe benefits...lucky you
    hope toonman is home soon..
    luv sazx

  3. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

    What a nice day you had, I hope it was as relaxing as it sounds:)

    Happy happy that Toonman is home for a while...he needs to get well so he can pamper you again!

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Daryl
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Have a wonderful day and half a wish come true is better than none eh?

  5. Happy Birthday D! I know you are grateful to have toonman home, and hopefully soon..very soon...on the mend (after surgery).
    The cupcakes look divine, and the Prosecco does too~I am such a sucker for bubbles!

  6. Happy Birthday To You! My prayer is for you to receive both halves of your birthday wish.

  7. Indeed!!! the happiest Bday dear Darylxxo

  8. Happy Birthday, Daryl. May the other half of your gift arrive very soon.

  9. all the rest of the wishes will be coming , they're just stuck in the snow

    Happy Birthday you gorgeous wonderful creature you

    I'd pay to see Toon Man in a gown, but he has to wear the tiara ;)

    Hope sends hugs and birthday kisses

  10. Happy Birthday!
    I am so glad Toonman is home - a great gift, indeed!
    I'm also really glad you got such an awesome day with your friend - we all need those days from time to time!

  11. happy birthday.... what delish looking cuppie cakes ... and cool new friends! and toon man home for your birthday... now get well quickly toon man.

  12. yay for new friends! And Prosecco! And your birthday!

  13. BIRTHDAY WISHES TO YOU! And that is nice that you got half of what you wanted. Better than nothing!

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Your gift is precious. Here's to the 2nd wish coming through in no time! Isn't it amazing how new friends can turn up anywhere...even in a hospital room?! :)

  15. Happy, happy birthday to you! Here's wishing Toonman a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. We're thinking of you both.

  16. New friends+cupcakes+going home=HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  17. Happy birthday to you! I'm so glad you have Toonman for your birthday. And new friends to boot!

  18. Happy Birthday, hope it has been lovely and so pleased Ray was there with you.

    So pleased he got a good roommate for a few days, I am sure it makes all the difference in the world when you're in hospital.

    We will be thinking about you in the coming days. x

  19. Happy Birthday D.
    Tried to send this earlier,but the
    storm here has played havoc with
    the satellite connection, so my
    internet time has been spotty.
    Hope your day went well...
    Glad Toonman is home.
    Happy happy Birthday !

  20. Happy Birthday, dear Daryl! And many good wishes for the year ahead, and even more good thoughts and wishes for Toonman- glad to know he is home for now!
    Bella :)

  21. Happy Birthday dear Daryl! You are a special spirit & Ray is as lucky to have you as you are him.
    I am so glad he was home on your birthday.
    : )

  22. It's so important to do fun things while in the hospital, believe me, I know. I want a cupcake.

    And your're another Aquarius, like moi, and Lily of Long Island Daily. Happy Birthday!!!

  23. Sending good thoughts your way and a big Bday hug for you!!!

  24. Oh, my birthday wishes are belated, but nonetheless sincere....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  25. Silver linings galore. Congrats on finding new friends.

    I'm glad Toonman got to come home, if only for a while. Hope your birthday was a happy one!


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