lions, horses and pink elephants!

Some days life feels surreal
Oh my.

I had a lovely morning of beautification™ followed by a visit to the GreenFlea.  
The  SpicesAndTease Man was back last week 
my new gotta-have-it tea itch for Rooibus Frappachino needed scratching.  
Did you think I'd just buy what I went for?
this evening's gibberish is aided by Coconut Dream 
a green tea that is sooooo good.  
I also bought a taste of Spicy Rooibus.
Are you sensing a the addiction is to red or green tea?   
You are so attentive.  
I dont like black tea ... too tanic.

The horrible wind of Saturday was gone but it was cold.  
I TAXI!! up to hospital late 
 as an apology I stop for a chocolate milk shake for him,
 a chipotle chicken breast on freshly baked focaccia
a salad on the side for moi 
 I was forgiven for being so late. 
 My sister stopped by and Toonman napped 
Joseph stopped by and they discussed the films 
Toonman had been watching on his new DVD player 
we admired the view from the 10th floor. 
 looking northeast
 we dont know what that red/yellow sign/building is
anyone know?

That's the Throgs Neck Bridge
 looking southeast 
that's the Triboro Bridge 

We are SO hoping to wave goodbye to this view 
go home tomorrow
we wont know til tomorrow if he's got rhythm!

I think I'll go wild and brew another cup or two

What did you do today?


  1. "Throgsneck"
    Giggle ;-)

    Aloha from Honolulu
    So SORRY I've been missing too long!

    Comfort Spiral


  2. I do hope Toonman gets his rhythm and is able to go home tomorrow!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day-
    (As always, nothing going on here worth mentioning.)

  3. Pour a cup for me, please!

    I hope rhythm returns soon.

  4. spent several hours with T. Just her and me. Oh how I have missed our hours. Refreshing as a tall cold glass of Spicy tea.

  5. My day is just starting so at the moment it's breakfast, a bit of beautification for moi as well (i.e. put on some makeup) and then head out to work in the pouring rain to start a new month-long project.

    I LOVE red rooibus but some of those other flavors leave me cold. I think the spicy one could be fun but the cream rooibus Jay brought home one day was vile (it had vanilla, I hate vanilla in tea, should have checked the label).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  6. I like both teas you mention, and have them at home at the moment, but I really DO like black tea...India got me hooked. What did I do today? (Actually yesterday)---spent the whole gray day or most of it indoors, trying to (and did) finish a translation I'm doing. I was helped by Bibi, since she doesn't like to go out when it's ugly (dunno why) and so she didn't pester me....much.

  7. Ah....I'm a coffee lover....just black...plain old Folger's! Or Dunkin' Donuts!!

    Glad to hear Toonman is feeling better and hope he gets to go home tomorrow. Hope you both get some much needed sleep!

  8. I have a cup of green tea every morning - I love it.

    Here's hoping Ray's got rhythm. x

  9. Here's wishing Toonman's rythym is exactly as it's supposed to be. Good on you for taking him little treats.

  10. I hope he's got rhythm. Who could ask for anything more . . .

  11. So - Toonman, a white man, is having problems with rhythm? Imagine that! Just kidding, of course. I hope that he is back on the beat soon and can come home where he can pester you full time!

  12. Apparently, Toonman is marching to the beat of a different drummer. Normally, this is wonderful - however, I hope he gets it together and in sync, so he can go home!

  13. I think I have a Throg's Neck.

    So glad Toonman is coming home.

  14. Here's hoping ToonMan has his proper rhythm back & you'll be posting from home tomorrow.

    Have you tried green Chai? Most yummy...

  15. Caffeine-hound «Louis» will set aside his kawfee kup and hoist a Mighty Leaf African Nectar (rooibos) in honor of you and 'Toonman!

  16. I hope the toonman's toon today meant he's home. I can understand why you're ready to say goodbye to that view but you got some great shots.

  17. what lovely pics... I am always taking a picture of that pink elephant...LOL! I work in Union Square in the art wall building ;)!
    i think the pink elephant brings good luck! I drink 1/2 caf at home & then the coffee truck guy's vanilla enriched coffee is the bomb - i bring on the LIRR with me.
    I had today off to help my husband prep for a procedure at the dr. tomorrow. Back at work on Thursday... Oh, went to the dog park for a few.
    Glad Toon is home! Great pics :)


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