NaBloPoMo ... dont you love internet abbrevs?  
It stands for National Blog Posting Month.  
Every month they pick a theme which you are supposed to post about.  
You also get a nifty badge to put on your sidebar.  
I dont always stick to their theme 
but for March the theme is 
In A Word.  
This fits my new style of being wordful/wordy most of the time 
I decided to use it at least in today's post.  
Of course being the rebel I am, 
I am doing this on the last day of February 
 not the first day of March 
(we'll get to what's happening with Toonsday later in post).

To choose a word to inspire or challenge NaBloPoMo 
offers both 
I opted for One Word
the random word it gave me was 

Interestingly this is a significant word for me. 
I actually have a collection of keychains, key rings. 

Not that I actually collect them myself.  
Its a collection other people: 
friends, family, 
business associates 
have given me over the years.

But it might have started with this one
Can you read it?  
It says: 
Its not an easy job being a princess but somebody's got to do it.  
My dad gave me that.  
I was his princess.  
I used it for many many many years until the actual ring broke off 
I was afraid to use it for fear I would lose it.  
Losing it would have been horrible.

This is the one I use now
Hearts are another thing I collect.

There wont be a new Toon tomorrow 
Toonman is back in hospital.
A small easily fixable complication 
from having two surgeries in under a week
He says not to worry, he'll be back with
new Toons soon.

*disclaimer: again all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone so they're not all that great .. sorry.