NaBloPoMo ... dont you love internet abbrevs?  
It stands for National Blog Posting Month.  
Every month they pick a theme which you are supposed to post about.  
You also get a nifty badge to put on your sidebar.  
I dont always stick to their theme 
but for March the theme is 
In A Word.  
This fits my new style of being wordful/wordy most of the time 
I decided to use it at least in today's post.  
Of course being the rebel I am, 
I am doing this on the last day of February 
 not the first day of March 
(we'll get to what's happening with Toonsday later in post).

To choose a word to inspire or challenge NaBloPoMo 
offers both 
I opted for One Word
the random word it gave me was 

Interestingly this is a significant word for me. 
I actually have a collection of keychains, key rings. 

Not that I actually collect them myself.  
Its a collection other people: 
friends, family, 
business associates 
have given me over the years.

But it might have started with this one
Can you read it?  
It says: 
Its not an easy job being a princess but somebody's got to do it.  
My dad gave me that.  
I was his princess.  
I used it for many many many years until the actual ring broke off 
I was afraid to use it for fear I would lose it.  
Losing it would have been horrible.

This is the one I use now
Hearts are another thing I collect.

There wont be a new Toon tomorrow 
Toonman is back in hospital.
A small easily fixable complication 
from having two surgeries in under a week
He says not to worry, he'll be back with
new Toons soon.

*disclaimer: again all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone so they're not all that great .. sorry.


  1. i have a key chain for you, i have had it for ages (must think where I have put it) wondering WHO it was right for now I know LOL...
    OK toonman get the problem fixed and back home where you belong :)
    my word is tenth LOL

  2. A very fancy collection of key chains!

    Oh dear! So sorry to hear that Toon man is back in the hospital. Here's to hoping he gets fixed up and gets home to his real job soon - being the Big Cat!

  3. Glad to hear it's an easy thing for which he's back in. I got a small jolt in the pit of my stomach upon first reading he was back in.

  4. LaLa says Toons looked like he was on the upswing. GOOD!

  5. I learned something new about you
    I didn't know you collected key chains

    hugs to Toon Man

  6. Hoping Toonman feels better.

    Nice collection of keychains. Nurse Nancy's son collects them too. He had a back pack full of them.

  7. Love your collection and kisses and hugs to TM!

  8. Well crap! Please tell Toonman that the pic of him hugging the cat made me burst into tears. Tell him he needs to get home soon as the fur babies need him.

    Sending love - I knew about the key chains and the hearts...but then - you know that too!

    xoxoxo to both of you

  9. I used to collect them - but I gave them all up for my magnet obsession.

    I use one of those mountain climbing thing-a-ma-jigs now for my keys.

  10. I have a small heart keychain myself... a gift from my daughter years ago. It says "Each Day is a Gift from God." Hope Toonman is better soon!

  11. Send my love to ToonMan. I like your keychain collection. So, what's it like to be a princess? I was never a princess and have always wondered . . .

  12. The Universe is always at work! Hugs to you both;)

  13. I can't collect key chains. Tend to get me all keyed up! Sorry, that's pretty lame.

    Best wishes to Toonman!

  14. Love the cartoon....I feel like that sometimes. And wow, all those keychains. I have a rather large stuffed doggie for my car keys, since I find them more easily that way....

  15. Get Well Soon Toonman!!!!!

    I've never known anyone who collected keychains. I love the one your Dad gave you. Mine is just a collection of keys hanging from the car remote thingie.

  16. I think everyone should be a collector of something and I love your keychain collection; small and not difficult to display if one so desires.

    Sorry to hear Toons had to go back to hospital; sending prayers.

  17. Aren't collections fun? My Hubby doesn't understand the concept. I guess people are either collectors or they are not, but I bet if they look around their home they will find that they have indeed collected something, even if it is just dust on the mantle... HA!

  18. Hi, stopping by from the blog challenge. Like your take on keychains.

  19. Oh darn, just when he got to cuddle a kitty-kat. Hope he is home for good soon.

  20. I seem to be entirely focused on all the wonderful sayings you have on the right side of your blog and can't form a good thought!

    I'm glad your sweetie is going to feel better in time to enjoy Spring :) and also have lots of keychains, but no collection.

    I like "My brain is leaking".


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