I really don't know much about Pioneer Woman 
except that she is a multi faceted blogger with a following so large its past counting.  
I also happen to have in my possession a copy of her book 

Unfortunately, I can only send it to a resident of the US or Canada
so leave a comment 
telling me why you want the book.
be sure your email is attached to your comment.

I'll be using a very high tech method of picking a winner.  
I'll ask Toonman to pick a number between 1 and whatever the total number of comments is.

EDITED TO ADD:  Anyone who lives outside the US and/or Canada and has someone in the US and/or Canada to send it "in care of" should let me know.  We can absolutely do that!


  1. I've read some of this book on her site so I'd be interested in finishing it in actual book form.
    I heard Reese Witherspoon is supposed to star in the movie based on this book - though I'm not sure how accurate that information is...

  2. I would love to have her book. I follow her blog and enter her contests. It would just be great to have.
    Bless you.

  3. I want the book 'cause the last pair of heels I bought so that I could dress up for my first ever karaoke outing were black. And because I am from Mississippi where I've seen many a tractor rolling along on its wheels. Nuff said.

    Oh, shoot. I don't know how to attach my e-mail to my comment. So here it is,

  4. How fun - I've been reading the installments all along, she's a terrific writer with a really unique voice.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Well, you COULD ship it to my daughter in the US if my number comes up! :)

    I'd like it because my family has been in the US (New World!) since 1739, but we weren't pioneers, neither the men nor the women. Stayed in Pennsylvania....but I'd like to READ about pioneer women! I guess in a way I am a pioneer myself, since I ventured all the way over here to Europe....albeit by plane.

  6. why do I want it?
    Well, because I read her web site...although the number of comments overwhelms me at time...and love her recipes. thing she is often very funny. And takes great photographs.
    Also, I just bought her first book and it would make a lovely companion to that one.

  7. I'd love a copy of that book because I used to visit PW when she had only about 50 comments per day instead of 5,000, and I thought the story that she tells in the book was amusing and entertaining. I think they're making it into a movie, too.

  8. How did you get your hands on it? Anyhoo...I have followed her blog for about a year now, so yes, I would like to read it!

  9. I've just recently started reading her blog and enjoy her light style. I'd like to win a book because we're broke and I know I won't buy one for myself!

  10. Yesterday, as I was wandering aimlessly around Wall World, I saw this book and decided to ask for it for my birthday. If I were to win it on your blog, I could ask for something else instead!

    P.S. Glad Toonman is home, where he belongs!

  11. Love your high tech random number indicator! LOL

  12. I would like to win because I love her blog and love reading memoirs.


  13. i have her cookbook and follow her confessions blog I have read a little of the book on her blog and would love a real copy to have to have her sign it when i go meet her in evans on march 12th :)
    pick me toon man :)

  14. I love the Pioneer Woman! I became hooked on her site after reading the story of her and Marlboro Man on her blog. I would love to read the "whole" story in her book! Love her style of writing! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  15. I don't think I qualify since Toonman is my "boyfriend" ;)

  16. Awesome. Did you read it? I would love to read that book.

    Thanks for the contest!

  17. Never heard of the author. But I will give her site a visit at your suggestion. Very clever way to pick a winner. I feel I should win because I never heard of her before, until now - thanks to you. Well, I heard flattery gets a person everywhere. Cheers Daryl!!

  18. Books are always good.
    Hope Toonman is well!!

  19. I'm late, I'm running very late:) I read her blog once in a while, so I would probably enjoy her book!
    Hope T. man is feeling better!

  20. I saw this at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and I've thought all along it should be made into a movie.

    Read it on her blog and she sure had me hooked. Ree sure is something and I wouldn't mind having my own Marlboro Man!!

    I'm still trying to figure out your new photo place.

  21. I've been reading her blog since the days when she had only as many comments as I have. She's funny and honest.

    And I saw this book at the store just the other day, but I said to myself, "I bet Daryl buys that book and has a Giveaway on her blog. And I bet I will win it."

    I believe ToonMan should pick my name out of the hat.

  22. I would like to win this book because then I could pretend, for just a minute, I can cook as well as she can.

  23. I'm still jazzed about ToonMan!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral


  24. I'd LOVE to win the book because Ree's site is fabulous! Witty writing, great photography tips and designed beautifully.


  25. Ooh, am I too late to enter the giveaway...I was going to buy when when I get there.
    I'll be there in a couple of weeks.

    And Happy Birthday Daryl. So lovely for you to have a cake baked for you.
    I had one baked for me in Melbourne when I was down with the kids...very nice.

  26. oops...I was supposed to say why I would like to win it...mmm...cos I am a fan of Pioneer lady, and have read the installments on her blog, and when I have finished it I could give it away for my tennis ladies to read...we love to share our reading matter. Besides being funny and real and honest, she is also quite inspirational, I think.

    ps You already have my email. ;-)

  27. and apparently reese witherspoon is going to play her in the movie? i've been following PW for a while now. her life sure has changed in the 2 or so years she's been online! i'm sure he head spins most days just thinking about it!


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