foodie friday freethinking

I was reading AsthmaGirl's blog post about her day, laid out in I forget time segments 
from there 
I mentally segued into what I would post tonite 
I realized I was setting up my posts at night, 
something I did when Toonman was home, 
how I was spending my evenings in a way I was enjoying, 
a guilty admission because I miss him 
 its nice to be alone with my blueberry rooibus tea 
you must get some from Rishi you will love it
 it is so yum.  

this post was to start off with me telling you about the tea pot I bought that is broken
how it needs to be returned 
as soon as I sat down to write
 I forgot
 sad but true 
so I winged it 
instead of going back, deleting and pretending 
I knew what the flyingfig I was talking about.   
I also did a riff on how I could take a photo of the teapot, 
not the broken one, 
the old one 
but its not pretty 
nor is my cup 
and yet 
here they are 
anyway ... 

Tonite Toonman was transfered from the CCU 
to the chichi 10th floor 
Cardiac Park View Suites
I swear the room, except for the extra plug thingies, is like a hotel room.
I could have spent the night 
I really wanted to be
 with the cats 


  1. Happy that Toonman is doing so well! I'm sure he is enjoying his deluxe accomodations, and after all the stress of the past few weeks, you need a few quiet evenings of calm enjoyment..

  2. Yep, I feel guilty too for relishing the two hours solitude I get every Tuesday night. but that passes quickly and I enjoy the ... out of it!

  3. Forget the guilt and enjoy whatever you can. Glad to hear he's out of CCU.

  4. So glad to hear that Toonman is out of CCU ... I understand your enjoyment of solitude completely...and I totally GET when you sit down to write one thing and end up with a completely different thing!

  5. Or maybe just alone with your thoughts. Best wishes to you two!

  6. so glad toonman is recovering so nicely and in great accomidations, that time alone to decompress is just what the peach has ordered :) good for you... enjoy your YOU time and tea :)and kitties love ya!

  7. It's so nice to hear that everyone is doing OK. Enjoy your solitude, it's therapeutic.

  8. So glad that Toonman continues to progress for the better!

  9. Just enjoy your time alone - you need to recharge as well. So glad Toons is makeing such good progress! xoxoxox

    WV: sumpurr Not to worry, Daryl, all you really needed last night was sumpurr time with your cats!

  10. Good to hear that Toonman is continuing to do well. I have been thinking and praying for both of you.

    Don't feel guilty about liking the time alone. With all you have been dealing with lately you deserve a break!

  11. Don't feel guilty about having time to yourself, you need to build up your reserves of energy to look after Ray when he comes home. :)

  12. Toonman deserves a little chichi
    and I'm sure the cats loved having you home

  13. Happy to hear that Toonman is progressing. Soon he'll be home and underfoot and all will be right with the world. And Rosie will be happy.

  14. loved this post - so important to catch up with YOURSELF xxo

  15. Being transferred is good! Yay! I expect you to continue giving him my best wishes via some sort of embracing.

  16. Good News about Toonman.. and I
    totally understand about enjoying some time away from the hospital.

    The tea sounds interesting...
    at the moment I am hooked on
    passion fruit tea w/ lemonade....

  17. Blueberry rooibus tea? Sounds absolutely yummy!
    I like my alone time too (with Priscilla).

  18. So nice when hospital rooms are family friendly to spouses. Our E.R room, which we paid a visit to last week-end certainly was not, nor was the waiting room. I think that family should at least have a comfy chair to take a nap in when they are on constant vigil with a loved one. BUT, then a person probably wouldn't get the yummy tea, would they?

    Stop over. I am offering a nice khaki jacket give-away to followers who leave a comment once I hit the 300 followers mark which I home close as a whisker to.


  19. I am glad to hear he's in such a wonderful place, that you're doing ok, that you have plenty of blueberry roibos, that the cats are taking care of you now. And not the other way around.

  20. I agree. Much needed rest from all the schlepping and worry and stuff.

    He's recovering and you should as well. Enjoy your time and I'm so glad he's feeling better :)


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