foodie friday freethinking

I was reading AsthmaGirl's blog post about her day, laid out in I forget time segments 
from there 
I mentally segued into what I would post tonite 
I realized I was setting up my posts at night, 
something I did when Toonman was home, 
how I was spending my evenings in a way I was enjoying, 
a guilty admission because I miss him 
 its nice to be alone with my blueberry rooibus tea 
you must get some from Rishi you will love it
 it is so yum.  

this post was to start off with me telling you about the tea pot I bought that is broken
how it needs to be returned 
as soon as I sat down to write
 I forgot
 sad but true 
so I winged it 
instead of going back, deleting and pretending 
I knew what the flyingfig I was talking about.   
I also did a riff on how I could take a photo of the teapot, 
not the broken one, 
the old one 
but its not pretty 
nor is my cup 
and yet 
here they are 
anyway ... 

Tonite Toonman was transfered from the CCU 
to the chichi 10th floor 
Cardiac Park View Suites
I swear the room, except for the extra plug thingies, is like a hotel room.
I could have spent the night 
I really wanted to be
 with the cats