monday monologue

So its Monday morning  I am getting ready to go to the office when Toonman hollers

 'there's no new post!'.

I actually didnt hear him due to the cats insisting on MOOOORE, the TV blaring (if its not LOUD how can I hear it in the bathroom?) so I walk into (no yelling WHAT? for me, my mother discouraged that with 'I am not shouting if you cant hear me, come here') the living room (for those who know us, you know its a long walk .. I kid, its not) and say WHAT?  He repeats 'there's no new post'. I reply I am going to write it when I get into the office in case there's any new inspiration.  I was hoping there would be, because I am really without any.

Lucky me there's the temperature .. I cant say it, I cant write.  Its freezing or below.

What is it where you are?

And there's the Jets loss along with Da Bears .. sorry ChiTowners, I am not too upset at Da Bears loss.  In truth, and I am all about truth, I dont really care that the Jets lost.  Had they won the overwhelming color in the stadium would have that truly fugly green both teams wear.  Green is not a good color except maybe if you are Irish and its St Patty's Day in Chicago.

Did I mention its cold?  And the Jets lost? Ok.  Just checking.

I stopped, as many of you know, riding the M104 to the office in the mornings.  

You dont need to ask why, I'll tell you.  
Its because the Transit Authority had to cut back service on all its lines.  

First the buses ran on a sort of schedule that was truly at the mercy of traffic and weather conditions but then they lengthened the wait time between buses.  In the heat of summer it was annoying but I knew once winter's chill hit it would be impossible to stand out there and wait wait wait ... not knowing how long it would be til a bus arrived.   

Being an Aquarius (oh dont get me off on a tangent over these new horoscope designations, its just a new way to make an old pick up line even older sounding) I usually dont pay attention to time but I have Capricorn rising so there's this left vs right brain stuff and it seems Capricorn always asserts itself, remind me to one day tell you about the body painting party I attended in my misspent youth.  

I decided in mid-Summer to take the subway.  

Its 5 stops or 2 depending on if you stay on the local or switch to the express.  Its a 10 minute trip vs the 25 minutes I spent on the bus (once it actually arrives), seemed like a no brainer.  And it is.  You go down into the subway, look up and check the new electronic signboards that tell you how long you will be waiting on the either frigid or sweltering platform (depending on the temps above) for the next subway train .. last week - I swear - I got off the train at Times Square and it was raining ... raining down through the grid in the sidewalk that lets air, and, it seems, icy sleety rain in as well.

Makes me wonder if the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) hadnt bought those fancy electronic signboards maybe there would be more buses .. hey, its a thought.

I am going to leave you with, I hope a giggle or a smile, last week one night as I was on the #1 headed uptown the subway conducter announced in a very Bob Marley voice over the loud speaker system:

Let the doors go, do not hold the train captive in the station!

(a wall detail in the Spring Street station)


  1. Ahh...finally I know what the M104 is all about!

    You are the second person who's made reference to horoscope changes. I need to look into this.

  2. Haha I like that comment about holding the train captive. The mind boggles. Also looks like you've got the the blogging police(man) in your own house checking up on your blog. Has Toonman got his own blog?

  3. NO WAY! I'm a Capricorn and I'm sticking with it!

  4. Well, as you may know by now, I am a subway junkie. Love the sights, sounds, even the smells (sometimes), and I look forward to more shots from the subterranean depths.

  5. The Taking of Pelham 123? Captive, mon? LOL.

    Hey, I see something familiar on your sidebar. ;-)

  6. Whew! That was a lot of writing for you, girl! Love the pics today. And I wasn't allowed to shout "What?" either. Neither are my kids, but they do anyway. *sigh* Hugs on a freezing cold Monday. It was 5 degrees here this AM.

  7. I was beginning to worry about you!
    It is brrrr! cold here with a fresh coat of snow. The only one who loves this weather is the dog, she is so excited to go out and play in the snow!

  8. I was imaginging the conductors remark in a Bob Marley voice and it made me laugh. :)

  9. I love the Marleyesque subway conductor quote - that is great! That type of thing is why I love NY.

  10. I dunno! Sounds like an interesting day. And the Toonman hasn't lost his voice. And I hate snow and cold and ice and icy rain.

    I remember one time when we were first married, I worked part-time while attending the Univ. of Minnesota and Lois worked at a church some miles away. I left her at a bus stop - it was snowing, high winds, and 26 degrees BELOW zero - real temp! She looked so forlorn. Can't imagine why she didn't go home to Mom then.

  11. My friend - I shudder to think of you traipsing across the cold tundra in any of those lovely shoes you wear. Do indeed take the subway! Can you come up inside your work building like they do in Montreal?

    Time is winding down here sweetie. The end of the month will find us on our way home once again. I've already shed some private tears over that. You know what I'm talking about.

  12. I really miss the days I used to take public transport. My job now would take about 90 minutes by bus and there is no train option. #BOO!

  13. Ahh, get it now. Brrr, so hate waiting in the cold. Hate just stepping a toe out in it.

  14. I miss the subways. DC subways, I love the art. ;)

  15. Looking forward to shots from the subway. I took my first subway ride in DC in October and was quite proud that I ended up in the right place ! Stay warm !

  16. I think you'll have plenty of blog fodder on the subway. I rode the Metro in DC for years on end and never grew tired of people watching.

    wv: dednotti. Holding a train captive? Dednotti thing to do.

  17. Wait.. you're talking sports? Who are you and what have you done with Daryl?

  18. I always preferred the subway to buses
    I hate the way the bus lumbers and rolls, like a walrus full of people

  19. Bwahahahaha! That's pretty funny stuff. And I'm with Diane - I love the subway over the bus.

    Green? Green's my favorite color! Today, anyway.

  20. Love your new stream of consciousness Mondays!

    The conductor's quote is making me smile...especially since I keep on repeating it to myself in my best Bob Marley accent, Mon!

    Try writing the transit authority a letter about their bus service...use the quote..."Let the buses not hold them captive..." Who knows what could happen?

  21. I'm loving this Monday monologue..
    you do it so well.. as with everything....

    I wish we had a subway.!!

  22. Whether it's a bus or the subway, I envy your access to mass transport. Driving on these slick Indiana roads is an adrenalin rush I could easily do without. Last time I looked, it was about 17 degrees here.

    And what is this about new horoscope designations? Must Google.

  23. I love this. There was a brief moment in my time in NYC that I thought I liked buses more (because there was more air ventilation, got to sight-see). But at one point I snapped and realized the bus takes WAY longer thanks to traffic. Here's to the subway (even if they're raising fares again)!

  24. Yes. Now that you are writing, I can tell you are an Aquarian. We are easy to spot :)

    Having never ridden a subway, I was enthralled by this post. Almost a week late in reading...I loved it.

    My son: "HUH?" Me: "WHAT?" Gah.

  25. I'm liking this monologue thingy you're doing!


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