monday monologue

A week or two go I made the pronouncement that things would be changing here and then it was all the same old same old.  At least here in Blogville it was.

In the real world, the alternate universe most of us inhabit between posts and blog visits, things changed.  And not just for me, who you know it always all about.

Toonman was under the weather .. tho I am not at all sure what that means.  It wasnt as if a rain or snow storm or a heat or cold wave was above or over him.  Anyway, he's getting better.  He's home from hospital and while not entirely 'better'; this time I do sort of understand 'better', in his case it means he's almost the person, albeit much thinner, he was back in oh say 2009 ... did you say it?  I bet you didnt.

Okay moving right along.  I havent been blogging all the fabulous photos and clever repartee (I checked the spelling) appearing here daily, they were posted ahead.  I didnt do a lot of blog any visiting, so thank you to those of you who continued to visit and leave comments while I wasnt.  

Thank you to Gunn of who left me a comment telling me he was my newest follower .. now, dear Gunn you need to link your email to your comments so you can interact with commenters and I can more easily reply to you.

I think once I get a handle on this writing stuff Monday will be a monologue ... you can join in, of course you will have to use the comment section because otherwise it wouldnt be a monologue which by the way is one of the oddest looking words I know in English ... I could give you examples in French but seriously who aside from me cares?

Digression is my middle name.  No, Deb, its really not.....

Likely this will become a recappage of the weekend plus an occasional whine .. cheese will be optional.

My weekend was a combination of the same old, same old (something I find is not as boring as I thought) and a little, no I will admit the full scope of it:

I am addicted to Angry Birds. You dont know Angry Birds?  Go to them iPhone App store, what? No iPhone or i Pad?  Be thankful! 

Thanks to my friend MentalPMama for posting about it and getting me hooked.  I can and did sit for hours last night as Toonman watched the Jets beat New England (he records the games and then plays them so he zips right past the ads) and played Level 2-9 about 30 billion times until I finally crushed those fucking blinking pigs.

What else, I dont know .. why dont you leave me some comments, please please link your email to your comment or else I cant reply and interact with you or answer the questions you pose ... 

Speaking of birds: 
This is level 75-2 
wherein the Angry Birds 
its not a pond 
a huge sheet of some sort of plastic 
to protect the newly planted sod.