waiting patiently

This guy was very patient.  
He's a service dog/ guide dog, 
His leash reflected the flash of my camera 
which he totally ignored
as he napped in the 
'San Marco Plaza'
of the 
Venetian Hotel 
Las Vegas


  1. Most of the service dogs are very content! I have to restrain myself as I'd love to go up and talk to them or pet them. The girl next to me at work used to train service dogs and she would bring them in to work every now and then...just puppies. They had to get used to being around noise and people and offices!

  2. I admire those who train these incredibly well-trained and intelligent dogs...I just taught one of our dogs to shake after weeks of work, and she now shakes with her hind leg. He looks so content to be taking a short nap, doesn't he?

  3. Las Vegas explains the shorts...otherwise i thought he must be very cold.

  4. they are good good dogs
    it's amazing how much they can be trained to do and the love they show comes naturally to them

  5. Guide dogs have to be very patient don't they? :)

  6. These are the bestest dogs in the whole world. I think Haley would have made a good one if she'd been trained early on. Now, she'd go to anyone who'd pet her...


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