miscellaneous monday

(click the underlined words to read about its history)
a 12 story 'Queen Anne' behemoth on West 23rd Street
was recently sold
read the NY Times article
about it 


  1. I love this shot.

    wv: herpo. When one of the Marx brothers came down with a questionable disease, they started calling him Herpo. He was not pleased.

  2. Great shot, what an amazing history that place has. It will be a sad loss if they don't keep the place up.

  3. What an interesting and chequered past it has.

  4. I thought the name sounded familiar to me...I must have read it in connection with famous people/events in years past.

    Your very fine photo captures it's fading elegance very well. But what a fascinating story. I read the whole article, believe it or not. While I wouldn't want to live there, I think it would be fun to visit sometime...

  5. A nice quip on Ocala DP. You were the first (and only, I think) to catch the socks or lack thereof.

  6. Cool. It immediately put me in mind of the Joni Mitchell song - Chelsea Morning.


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