miscellaneous monday

Balloon Bubbles 


  1. WHAT FUN! And I'm with Bibi on finding a pin. :)

  2. Pretty!

    wv: ingermia. That's where I live, ingermia.

  3. While Terry practiced for a bubble blowing contest, Dennis is prepared to duck the fall out.

  4. Boy, that popped right out at me! It's a terrific photograph with that black background...gotta wonder what this is all about and where those balloons are going and why they are all white or clear - aha, a wedding on the beach, maybe?

    Re your 80 + New Years cards: That's about 79 too many. I used to do all the Xmas cards/letters. Quit. Lois does them now. And does a great job.

  5. Interesting thing to be carrying around...

  6. Canine cutters, cowboys and balloons...I LOVE it here, Dar :)

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  7. Nice shot... and more fun than bubble wrap.

  8. Very festive and lovely cloud of balloons.


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