i heart aims

I bought one of Aim's (Big Blue Barn West) fabulous designs, 
I am not showing it because its a gift. 
what I am showing you is a gift she sent me ...
 a pair of earrings:
fleur de lis
Aims and I adore New Orleans so these are very special to me.  
She also knows my love of hearts.  
I love hearts.  
Look at those little hearts, are they not twee?  
I love them, 
they are very small, made of material like little poufs of quilted confetti .. 
I love them and I love Aims. 
 Go visit her blog, 
she isnt just a pretty face, 
she designs jewelry 
writes .. oh how she writes .. 
click here .. 
see for yourself.
you will thank me.


  1. Cannot find the link. May be due to blonde. May be due to idiocy. Take your pick.

  2. So pretty. I love how she displays the earrings. Unique!

    MPM.. click on the word "here" in Daryl's 3rd to last line.

  3. I heart the way she packages her earrings on lovely vintage photos. Very nice way to showcase her work.

  4. Oh sweet(heart) - thank you! I love you! (you already know that tho)

    I am just glad it finally arrived! Whew!

  5. Aims is such a sweetie and so very thoughtful. I am very lucky to have her as a friend. The hearts and earrings are lovely.

    Sending you care and huggles, Michelle and my daft darling cat, Zebby.

  6. Daryl, I didn't know you loved hearts...I'll see if I can dig up a Serbian heart!

    I checked Aims and will definitely keep checking....

  7. How very sweet of her! I've been looking at her post on jewelry...a lurker. I need to go back and visit in earnest.


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