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My friends Mama  and CBW do this so well .. one has the train of thought thing mastered and the other rambles in an involving clever way.  Me?  I derail and often go off on tangents; but I have had some stuff and some kvetching I wanted to air, er, share.


I just finished a really good involving moving well written young adult series ... no vampires or zombies or werewolves although the title might cause you to think otherwise: Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.

I dont know how to explain it without telling you too much:  Take a nation called Panem, which occupies the landmass that is the present United States, where a parasitical fascist Capitol dominates 12 conquered districts. There was a thirteenth district but it was obliterated during a rebellion. Add a totalitarian government that keeps the subjected populations in line by threatened devastation, starvation, and brutality. Add one 16 year old girl with attitude, mix in the 'Games' a competition fought to the death in book 1 ...  the second two books (Catching Fire and Mockingjay) bring the not simple resolution and closure.

Then there's this boot thing.  I want a pair, need a pair, of boots.  If they are stylish which I admit is top priority they likely dont come in my size or if they do, they hurt.  Sigh.  I have ordered and sent back 4 pair of boots and now I am told boot buying season is ending, that I should have begun shopping in September when I was still wearing sandals.  GAH.

On the other hand I have finally found a mascara I love.  Maybelline Colossal Volum Express - from the clever spelling of this product I am assuming the ad agency copywriters must play Words with Friends which I adore but permits oddly spelled words, words you've never heard of AND proper names like Vera and Jane but not June (hello, its a month!) all this drives ToonMan nutz.

And my dirty little secret ... I am an All My Children addict.  I have tried to stop watching but I cant.  I have watched through the worst of headwriter Megan McTavish's (aka McTrash) inane storylines: Tad a killer? The unaborted/transplanted fetus storyline.   Then the horrific mess Pratt made of Bianca and Reese among other truly uncharacteristic plot 'twists'.  I tried to stop recently when it was clear the current storyline would end in Zach's death which the most recent headwriters have heralded loudly with all the flashbacks and lovely-dovey stuff all topped off by Kendall asking Zach (who hates Ryan almost as much as the fans) to go help rescue Ryan and Greenpee, er, Greenlee (he was framed by Dr ISaveLives Hayward for his 'murder' but Greenbean, er, Greenlee somehow ended up on trial and Hayward isnt even dead). Now thank you so much Kendall will spend the rest of her life (or until next sweeps) blaming herself for his death (which is a lot better,?!, really, than the grief sex she usually ends up having).   GAH.

What's your kvetch?  What's your most recent read or cosmetic (I am shallow) find?


  1. Ha! Loved this post!

    The book series sounds interesting ...kind of 1984/Animal Farmish with a modern twist. I recently read an old one which a friend recommended ions ago, Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith. It was every bit as good as my friend said it was. It's set in Appalachia from the 1920s forward. I also read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series this summer.

    As you the shoe thing...nothing EVER fits me! I am so sad flip-flop weather is over. I have one comfortable pair of shoes, but I just noticed they are getting a hole in them. WAH!!!!! I don't get cold enough hardly ever to wear boots. If I owned a pair they would be off my feet more than on.

    I like L'Oreal's mascara. It doesn't smear when I get hot and sweat rolls down my face....which is a good thing.

  2. @steviewren...Lee Smith was my 7th grade english teacher!!! So glad another person appreciates her;) And, my dear Daryl, everything is all about shoes. You know this. We share this. Show us your Gucci's;)

  3. shoes say so much about a person, show us all of you.
    O.P.I ? I marked CR's toothbrush with that, so he will leave mine alone. My life doesn't exactly put me in the fast paced NYC lifestyle, with weekly pedi and mani appointments but I live vicariously through your blog.

  4. i have missed as much AMC as i have seen in the last few months... GAH...

    if shoes are a person i am one big bore... I have a pair of 15 yr old work boots for when we are working in the yard... i have a pair of stephanies old crocs... and my burkenstocks sandals... that i wear year round oh yeah and a pair of new balance that mike and i both wear... OHHH and i have a pair of cow skin (looks like a spotted cow clogs) that MPM gave me a while back i have worn once or twice :) they are a bit tight on my flintstone feet but i love them.

    I dont wear makeup hardly ever but i have some mascara that is water proof in a green tube that i like

    and opi is great stuff when i bother to have my nails done... which is not too often any more.

    Lord i even bore me ... LOL

  5. I need a pair of boots, too, but there are no shoes anywhere that fit my feet comfortably. I do love to look at shoes:)
    I'm also boring...when I use mascara, its still the pink one from Maybelline:)
    I am going to look for those books, sound very interesting!
    Loved your post, you should do this more often!

  6. I've always liked Frye boots, but that's just me.
    Nothing new on the cosmetic block over here, so mum's the word.

  7. Hah!! You are so funny when you wade in the shallows! Best of luck with your boot hunt (my sis-in-law found a great pair of Frye's & then expert knock-offs of same at the store of the red bullseye; I am a dreadful shopper).

  8. I used to be an All My Children addict! I'm not sure why I gave it up--just busy-ness I guess.

  9. I didn't know you talked!! LOL

    My only new cosmetic thing is the castor oil. I've said these words so many times in the past few months to everyone and now I've added coconut oil. I don't wear makeup and should. I would look a lot better.

    Next year, in September, MPM should come take you shopping for boots!

    I watched Y&R for EVER!

  10. How strange. I literally on Friday, got The Hunger Games Trilogy in the mail from Amazon... wow. In sync?


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