waiting patiently

This is my friend Igby
(if you click on the pix they embiggen)

He's a real character
and his 'mom' my friend Katherine
totes him around in bad weather in this carrier

here's Igby 
getting into his carrier
(these arent blurred, they're action shots, yeah that's it action shots)

He's quick like a puppy!

Ready to go!


  1. He is sooo cute..
    no way I could get Teas
    into a carrier.

  2. Oh he's just adorable.. what a face.. when it holds still enough to see it.

  3. Oh, he's a little doll! He must enjoy his 'rides' the way he jumps into the carrier! Adorable pix

  4. Lord have mercy. I have enough to tote around, but he sure is darn cute!

  5. So cute. I have a lot of fuzzy photos of Clayton as he's usually moving too.

  6. I'm pretty sure I've now officially seen it all! That tote bag/carrier us something else.

    Igby is very cute.

  7. HaHaHa ~~ What darling shots and what a cutie.

    We have a little Shih Tzu, Molly, that looks similar, and she has her carrier case, and an array of different sweaters... How we love our pets.

  8. I don't know why we call them dogs. These photos are proof of how much they act like humans.

  9. A carrier! So much better than a dog head popping out of a tote. Always freaks me out. I like knowing what's coming.

  10. Igby is a doll!! and I love his name and his fancy carrier

  11. Of course you know that I think Igby is simply the CUTEST!!! And that super duper little carrier...is perfect!! I tried to get Chloe used to one when she was a tiny puppy...at only three pounds...she only liked it for about three weeks...then...NO WAY!!

  12. What a cutie! There have been several Igby-type dogs in the neighborhood, but none of them were ever toted around in the exclusive "dedelstein" carrier!

  13. He's cute! But somehow I don't think he likes that carrier!


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