waiting patiently

This photo and the words accompanying it were sent to me by my good friend Mojo who has been on a sort of leave of absence from his blog here ... I hope he's off having lots of fun and finding me more pix .. and a happy birthday to his side kick Tonka.

This very handsome guy's people hitched him up outside the Saxapahaw General Store Cafe while they went in to get a nosh (I presume).  We were eating on the patio when they arrived, and since I had the camera in the truck (owing to the fact that we were heading over to the bridge to get the very fine MWT photo from today) I said "Oh snap!, I gotta get a shot of this for Daryl." So I did.  He was very patient andextremely  well mannered, and apparently doesn't consider anyone a stranger.  


  1. I still can't figure out how people are comfortable leaving their little guys outside...aren't they thinking someone might take them? He does look like he is patiently waiting!! Great shot!! My daughter's first day in NYC was a real eye-opener! She said everybody is in such a hurry!!!

  2. Handsome fellow...doesn't seem to mind that his people are eating and he's just waiting:)

  3. My dog would walk away with the first person who smiled at her. What a loyal pooch!

  4. he's beautiful and the way Mojo caught the light falling on him makes him even more magnificent

    I too don't get people who leave their dogs waiting too long

  5. handsome is as handsome does, and he does, both of them.

  6. I quite fell in love with this cool dude!
    We are back from foreign parts
    and we should get together
    how is your back.


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