sunday stuff

Back to the GreenFlea in the school yard at 77th/Columbus

This week the spice/tea seller ... 

He's 'green', he had no biz cards, 
he said take a photo of my sign its there

here are some of the spices

don't the colors make your mouth water?

and the teas
love the idea 
of adding these to some 
channeling Spike Lee 
with some 
Jungle Fever

Do you cook?
Do you use fresh or pre-packaged spices/herbs?
How about your tea?
Bagged or loose?


  1. A catchy company name. I wonder how long it took him to set up with all those containers. I buy pre-packaged stuff and drink bagged tea; although, I wouldn't mind trying that Jungle Fever variety.

  2. Sounds and looks very interesting! The dude needs to get some business cards!! Me....I'm a die hard coffee fanatic! Not Starbucks though...too bitter for me. I actually prefer Dunkin Donuts Coffee!!

  3. Fantastic booth, I love shopping at places like that. I buy most of my spices loose from bulk containers, they're SO much fresher. Tea I tend to buy in bags though, we're not as into tea.

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  4. farmers markets, street fairs, flea markets, etc... Great places to take photos. Thesse photos are good examples!

  5. yes, I cook, and I would have to try his spices and his teas(e)! I don't usually have access to fresh herbs and spices or teas, so I use dried herbs and teabags most of the time. I do like a good cup of herbal tea. Sassafras is one of my favorites...Wow, what a flea, I'd love to shop there!

  6. I can almost smell the spices through the screen. I am a hit-or-miss cook, mostly miss, who uses mostly dried herbs, although I have every intention of growing my own some day. I just use Lipton tea bags for my iced tea. Boring but good.

  7. Oh I just love spice markets! I use packet spices but like to use fresh herbs. I use tea bags I would be sick if I got a tealeaf in my mouth. :0

  8. I guess I'm pretty uptight. My tea is bagged and the herbs are pre-packaged.

    But sometimes loose.

  9. Loose or bagged I love a mug of hot tea.

  10. I'm not a tea person but the spices look amazing
    I'd be in heaven if all of that was coffees

  11. I love tea.. though I buy the bags. I love trying spices too.. but tend to stick with about a dozen old reliable types. Fresh herbs if I can get them.

  12. Loose or bagged, as long as it's hot.
    However, coffee is my drink of choice.

    All kinds of spices, oh yeah, I like to mix my own blends.
    Mouth watering? well the spices and teas for sure and ahh... him to.

  13. These shots do make my mouth water. So luscious. I grow a lot of herbs so use those fresh. I mix and match using both fresh and dried.

  14. Love to cook. Love fresh herbs and spices, and replace them frequently. Love all kinds of tea, loose and bagged, cold or hot. Love coffee too- fair trade, shade grown, organic...always rind my own beans. I can practically smell those mixtures ...they look great!

  15. Love these fresh lively shots Daryl!
    & I love tea, but most always use bagged. & I like to use herbs from my garden but don't nearly use them enough.

  16. I use pre-packaged spices, but I don't have a spice dealer nearby. Another advantage of living in a major city!

    I'm a coffee drinker. Make mine Italian roast.

  17. I buy tiny jars of organic spices and sprinkle cinnamon on everything.

    Coffee must now be French-pressed :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  18. What a world of possibilities. I'll bet it smelled like heaven.

    I use fresh herbs when I can grow or get them, dried otherwise. I use bag tea but grind my own coffee beans.

  19. You don't want to know. I love this series. His wares look delightful.

  20. Yup, I cook. And I would get into HUGE trouble with this guy. Don't know what it is about things sold in bulk, but it makes me go more than a bit nuts. I ALWAYS buy more than I need.
    And my tea is always either bagged Red Rose, store brand green, tho Costco's green tea is to die for, or Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime.

  21. Omigoodness! I'm mostly a pre-packaged girl, unless it's coming from my herb garden. And I hate tea. But my Hunny loves it, so I may look this fella up. Thank you!

  22. Loos AND bagged tea....
    Fresh AND bagged spices, but fresh all the time would be preferred =))

  23. 0h the envy I have....
    I love loose tea (as you know, you sent me that Jasmine tea)
    and those spices look wonderful.
    I'd probably spend a whole paycheck there....


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