sunday stuff

At the weekky Greenmarket
on Columbus Avenue 
'behind the Museum'
here's an interesting combo:
okra and brussel sprouts 
did you like either of these as a kid?  
do you like them now?


  1. Good question to go with this great photo!

    I don't think I've ever actually experienced okra but I hear it's her last season on TV. ;)

    I've only started loving the sprouts in the last few years.

    (if this posted more than once .. just delete please) :)

  2. no okra until I married an okie, then we grew it and ate it. It's okay in gumbo and with stewed tomatoes.
    I have always loved sprouts.
    Great capture of the character in those hands and peasant shirt against the earthy okra and sprouts.

  3. My answer is no and no!

    I can stomach fried okra today, but it's not a favorite. Still hate brussel sprouts.

  4. Nope and nope.

    Okra = too slimy

    Brussels sprouts = ewww, bitter

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  5. That would be a huge NO! (complete with gagging noise!) on both!!! I didn't even like broccoli until I was 35.

  6. lovely photo of nicely-grown veggies-
    I've grown both, but don't care for okra. Love brussels sprouts, those 'baby' cabbages are very tasty.

  7. I enjoy Okra in a curry and I adore Brussel Sprouts, in fact we are having them today on our Sunday lunch. :)

  8. I love both of them! Yet again...the old tummy, but these I do eat in small amounts :)

  9. hilary made me laugh

    my ex SIL used to make okra with stewed tomatoes and baby potatoes and all sorts of seasoning
    it was delicious

    I love the hand and the wrinkled sleeve, it adds so much to the shot

  10. I always loved brussel sprouts, however, as for okra, never enjoyed it until we moved South and it must be fried...sorry!

  11. I never had Okra - at least that I can remember. but I tried brussel sprouts when I got older & I like them a lot.
    I also like how you included this persons hand in the shot.

  12. I loooves me some brussels sprouts!
    Okra - eh.

  13. Oh, okra! One of the very, very few food items that I don't like. Brussels sprouts, on the other of my very favorites! Both now and as a kid. good!

  14. I like brussel sprouts and always have, but can't stand okra.....

  15. The little cabbages are OK - not my fave, but OK - and I find okra just a bit too slimy for my liking. It's not bad if hidden in a vegetable soup or something.

  16. I don't mind brussel sprouts but I LOVE okra. Fried or boiled. I"m a southerner to my toes.

  17. I absolutely LOVE fresh brussel sprouts...and okra. Especially if the okra is combined with tomatoes =)) These look yummy!
    No, I didn't eat much ~ except mashed potatoes!!

  18. I've always liked brussel sprouts. Never cared much for okra. Makes a good shot.

  19. It's green alright.
    I do like both of these veggies, but they have to be cooked right, especially the Okra...

  20. brussel sprouts made me gag as a kid and they make me gag now. I know it was becaue my mother boiled them into slim....

  21. I love Brussels sprouts. Okra in its natural state is too slimy, but when in Mathews I had fried orka for the very first time and it was delicious! Did you get any?

  22. I like brussels sprouts. Like 'em with a little butter and salt.
    I cannot stand okra. It's evil and slimy.


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