sunday stuff

That's Carolle.  
She makes wonderful, witty
Each is a one of a kind.
She sells them at the Sunday
on Columbus in the schoolyard at 77th St.


  1. Me too! Seed beading is a wonderful talent!

  2. I'm wondering if you can possibly resist purchasing something...every once in a while. :D

  3. nice pic! I love fleamarkets. Lot's of great candids...

  4. I love those! So...what did you buy?? We ARE nosy...yes?? I wish we had more vendor fairs to go to around here! My daughter is going for her first trip to NYC next week and she is BEYOND excited!!! They are only staying one night, I told her she had better not sleep...too much to see!!

  5. which did you buy?? those take so much work...I just love them. What a great flea!

  6. I know several women who would love this place!

    Thanks so much for your concern about Denise. She's now home and improving every day. We hope the worst is behind us. We'll be here another week or so to make sure she can function alone (while her husband's at work)...

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. Those are just wonderful - I wouldn't be able to resist buying!

  8. Looks like fun stuff. I love to browse, if not buy.

  9. What a wonderful find... hand crafted bracelets at a flea market, great way to spend a Sunday!

  10. Before I forget - love the new header.

    Could spend hours perusing places like this. I definitely need to make a trip north.

    wv: ingla. I'm ingla mood for a road trip.

  11. Do you go to the flea market every weekend? I'm getting the feeling that you know everyone there. I haven't been to a market in a long are making me want to go!


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