foodie friday #13

at LAND 
(sister restaurant of Recipe)
 at 450 Amsterdam 
you can have a two course lunch 
(that's Thai tea in that huge 'bowl')
for $8


  1. Doesn't look as good to me as your crabcake posts, but 'Thai tea' is fun to say!

    I DO like Asian food, though.

  2. Yum is right - I ADORE Thai iced tea!

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  3. Now that looks so delicate and healthy that I could imagine a wonderful cup of tea at my hand as well. Ah, here it is now!

  4. That'd be a bargain even in the sticks. And it looks delicious!

  5. not into the thai tea but the food liiks yummy in compared to the digorno pepperoni pizz a that went from my freezer to oven... and digorno is really good :)
    and an 8 buck meal is a steal ANYWHERE... :D

  6. Big mistake on my part. I came here during lunch hour, and I wasn't planning on having any lunch today. Now my belly is growling.

  7. Thai of my favorites!!! So fresh in your mouth. I love how it twicks your tastebuds.

  8. Your skies are different, but your food choices harmonize with mine, Dar :)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




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