waiting, patiently

Jack and Rose 
(now free of those collars) 
are still waiting
 to be given
 the all clear
the dreaded 


  1. Hallelujah!! I'm hoping you get an 'all clear' on the ring worm problem. No more dipping - Yay!!
    That is the sweetest picture of your furry children, so patient, but I'm sure they were thrilled to be rid of those collars!

  2. Look how close they've gotten since you introduced them to each other. So glad they're free of the collars.

  3. The fur babies are SO sweet! Rubs and scritches for all!

  4. Those collars must have been awful, to state the obvious. Hope they receive a clean bill of health and you never have to deal with the dreaded "r" word again.

    wv: aeaffsp. Right now if you ask Daryl how she's holding up after dealing with a ringworm nightmare for weeks now, all she can muster is "Aeaffsp." What that translates into is, "As long as the felines are free from sickness, I'm fine. Pass the wine."

  5. A very Elizabethan fashion look that I'm pleased to know is no longer, both for the fashion crime, as well as for the health improvement in your long suffering darling kits.

    Give them both big loves from us!

  6. sweet babies
    Jack appears to be appealing to a higher power
    I love that they're together
    Iza and Siren send hugs
    and me too

  7. ah, those poor kitties.
    I hope the all clear is given soon..

  8. Yay, I'm in! Pets hate those cone collars, I know. I am keeping all digits crossed for a clean bill of health for your kitties, Daryl.

  9. Oh bless their hearts and yours too.
    V and Meeps

  10. It must seem surreal to them to be living their lives inside a cone. Poor kitties.

  11. These collars must be so hard to have on....Poor kitties.

  12. Awwww poor sweeties. So nice to see them together though.


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