foodie friday #12

This tomato & buffalo mozzarella tart 
is like a mini pizza
get it at 
Amsterdam Avenue/81-82 Streets


  1. Can't go wrong with tomato
    and mozzarella.

  2. a classic with a twist! fantastic looking and I bet just delish.

  3. Yummo. Sometimes I make a quick pizza with a ready-made shell, black olive paste, feta, sliced tomatoes, basil, and Parmesan. That's the minimum....add some mushrooms....peppers...buffalo....

  4. Not only do I want that tart, I also want that awesome pan! I have a round one that's similar, but it's hip to be square;)

  5. I can see the tomato but I don't see a buffalo anywhere!

  6. OMG. That looks delectable.

    wv: sideorie.

    I"ll take two of those and a sideorie of marinara sauce.

  7. I'd give it a try. Did you make a face on that one tomato? Is so, pretty cute. If not, pretty cute.


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