thursday in the hood

A week or so ago I went with ToonMan 
B&H Photo to exchange something 
as we walked back to the subway 
I noticed the 'writing on the wall': 
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

I had to find out what the heck that meant so
 .. yup .. 
I Googled and here's what I learned
 click here 
to read about it 
The Manhattan Center on 34th Street 
Eighth and Ninth Avenues.


  1. King Kalakaua was a mason.

    Think I'll post one of their buildings too!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  2. I love the flash of green you've captured & the interesting perspective too.

  3. Cool building...checked out the link.

    Whadja get at B%H? :)

  4. Nice shot of the building.

    I order from B&H Photo ..
    all the local camera shops around
    here have closed..

  5. Love this and will go check out the link.

    wv is humunpe. At the doctor's office, this would require a cup.

  6. Fantastic new look!
    This building has great details...
    my husband and son are Masons

  7. I've been to the Hammerstein Ballroom, very cool - I almost felt like I had class ;)

    I love the arches above the top windows.

    and I see you will be appearing there

  8. I'll have to show this to Cdub. His Dad was a Mason and he's a Mason. A member of two different lodges.
    Heres a link of rememberance for Cdub's dad.

  9. I was going to say it was a Masonry building...but I didn't know all that other history--quite fascinating.

    How was B&H? I've bought a lot of stuff there via the Internet...

  10. Great shot of the building and thanks for the link. That was fascinating reading.

  11. Cool.. always fun to learn about the history of these places.

  12. Great history! Great arches! The camera shops around here have closed too! Thank goodness for Amazon!

  13. great perspective shot!

    interesting building with an interesting history.


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