my sky

a double sighting
there's one water tower 
on the building in the foreground
another on the building
behind it

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!


  1. Whoa! Double water towers, all the way!

    What does this MEAN??

    (Oh come on, you couldn't see that coming?)

  2. Very whimsical. Smart! I like. You always have great taste in pics. Cheers Daryl!!

  3. is there some kind of special luck for finding this, i wonder??

  4. Thankfully you have this great pic to prove you weren't seeing double, just two!

  5. "Double Encounter"?...I thought those were very unique space ships

    Good capture of water towers against a Blue sky.

  6. What a great capture to get two water towers for the price of one.

  7. ...and not a drop to drink! Love the new header;)

  8. Two for the price of one! What a lovely shot with the leaves framing the photo.

  9. where in NY is this? I visit often and alway enjoy my stay there.

  10. Oh, I do love your gorgeous blue skies!! Wish I could borrow them! We're into grim and gray big time!! Have a great weekend, Daryl!


  11. I love NYC water towers. And I wish we were having such blue skies here today.

  12. Great picture. I love it.
    However, I got distracted before commenting because I started reading your "overheard" list. For some reason I'm still giggling over "I can access Spacebook from my friend's flaptop" -- but I don't know why.
    Maybe it's just the word "flaptop" that tickles my funny bone.
    Thanks for a beautiful view and a good laugh.

    Alberta, Canada

  13. Your water towers are always my favorites. Would never have guessed these were two different buildings.

    wv: feoca. Ugly chocolate. That feoca might be ugly, but it's still good.

    (In Spanish feo means ugly. I think.)

  14. Beautiful SkyWatch posting!
    thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

    Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,

    Regards, Bram

    My SkyWatch on WordPress

    Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 10

  15. Heard you had a wicked storm yesterday evening.
    Nice shot.

  16. I love how the sky is set between the buildings
    and the towers are wonderful

  17. What a lot of contrasts in this shot! Those water towers are something you won't find in the 'burbs where I live! I love the pointed leaves right overhead, too. I'm sure you'll have a lovely fall where you are! Enjoy the week.


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