This is Molly.  
She and her person were at Polished Beauty Bar 
last Sunday
I had to take her photo to share with you
 Below are a few I shot 
Molly insisted on posing 'just so'.

Here are the ones that we didnt think were good enough.


  1. I first thought "poor Molly, has stitches on her nose!". You'll sign anything! I like the last one, shades of Lana Turner.

  2. I was wondering what that was!
    Good eye Judi!
    & what a cute doggy, nice portrait Daryl.

  3. More wonderful dog portraits.!

    .. and a reminder for me that I
    need my hair cut today....

  4. Lovely picture and lovely dog. It obviously pays to be well groomed.

  5. She is so cute posing for each photo!
    Did she have her nails done too?

  6. Molly is a beautiful girl
    I love all her shots, especially the last one where one eye is visible

    remember the 'one eye jack' haircut that was so popular in the 60s

    Molly is chic and retro

  7. Glorious girl, Dar
    ..and I love crab cakes :)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  8. I like the third one, with one eye peeking out from under her bangs!

  9. Molly is adorable! When I looked at her picture, I went "ohhhh, she's so CUTE!" and my dog Bosco immediately got up from where he had been laying next to me on the floor and wanted my attention. I am not supposed to say any dog but him is cute, in that tone of voice. He had to remind me. He is extraordinarily patient with me and my failings lol.

  10. So cute--did her person explain the reason for the stitches (judi has a great eye!)? I like the last one best.

  11. Oh, sweet little puffball. Look at that licorice nose and lips.....

  12. Somehow it's not at all a reach to imagine that pooch looking over the proofs and deciding which one to publish. Although that last one looks pretty good to me!

  13. She looks like Mopsy, who grew up with me.

  14. hello molly! she is just to cute. she looks like she has a little smirk going on there hehe


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