summer stock sunday

corn, corn, corn and more corn
sort of makes one think of cornfields
some of us 

Click here for all the participants in Robin's Summer Stock Sunday


  1. Not only do you blog, but you have your own corn roaster! There's lots of roast corn here, too. Come to think of it, I have two ears in the fridge, but will do them the classic way...boil, butter, salt...

  2. Their vehicle, behind them, kind of looks as if they drove it through the cornfield, at high speed.

    The ears look yummy, and I love where you you put your sig!

  3. Great shot ... I know there is more to the story... the tease
    and Mental P's comment make me
    wonder what happened in the cornfield at blogfest ..uhm..?

  4. HA!!

    wv: widlin. Our friend was widlin her way through that cornfield. I think we got her there just in time.

  5. Mmm... You shoulda done this one for Foodie Friday! Most tasty!

  6. Yum, look at all that great corn. We had some tonight too.

    PS Migraine's finally gone but it was a doozy.

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  7. YUM! Not only do I love the taste of roasted corn, but the aroma of it cooking is just as delicious!!! Very cool picture!

  8. LOL!!!I love roasted corn!! Even better with lime and parmesan cheese!

  9. Gosh that is beautiful! I love to eat roasted corn right off the grill =))

  10. I wish my grill didn't have an enormous hole in it. Roast corn, grilled steaks and veggies sounds delish!

  11. I love where you signed this one. :) And I think corn is probably my favorite food ever.

  12. makes me think about the chili roasters in new mexico, yummy


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