you are invited

You are.  Invited, that is.

I debated 'warmly' or 'cordially' but we are all friends here so you know its both, needs no saying, I am moving on now.  Oh, no RSVPs necessary.

Actually I briefly, very briefly, considered moving on, leaving Out & About and starting something new because I have the staying power of a - searches for comparison, comes up emtpy - well, I get bored easily.

But there are things I couldnt not give you, like ToonMan's toons, his videos as Micky ... or those ever waiting dogs ... so I decided instead to create a new space.  A clean space where I can share what I see.  I call it Through My Eyes.  Clever, no? (Blogger is less clever, they insisted on

And so without any further self promotional agrandizing I give you