summer stock sunday/tell me a story

Another two-fer one ... Robin hosts Summer Stock Sundays,  to see the other summer shots click here.

And you know the drill .. tell me a story about the photo below, either here in the comment section or leave me a link to your story on your blog.


  1. Why did I wear these pants? I should never have worn these pants. I can't possibly look cool enough to play basketball in these pants. I'm going to end up on Failblog, I just know it.


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  2. Just get out of the way so I can shoot already!!!

    It's late and I'm tired!!!

  3. He's wearing pyjamas. Did he bring his Snooky Wooky Teddy Bear too?

  4. Shoot the ball Shoot the ball! I'm telling you this is a lot easier than Cornhole!

  5. Yo! Look at my arms. I am a muscled shooting machine.

  6. Tour guide to tourist group at the United Nations: "Over to my left you can see international detente at work even when delegates take time out to shoot some hoops together. They do this when tensions in the General Assembly get too hot to handle. It's better to receive a sanction on the court rather than from the Security Council. Now, if you will follow me we step back inside the building. We're walking, we're walking." the guide says as he leads the group away.

  7. "I'm the one you gotta worry about," saith the young man in red shirt. "White guys can't jump!"

  8. I had kinda the same thought Robin did. How in hell are you supposed to be cool in pants that look like prison kitchen uniform rentals??


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