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these tourists 
were waiting in the hot hot hot sun
 for the light to change 
at the corner of 48th & Fifth
for their tour to continue


  1. Mamma Mia!!!

    I had some friends that went to a class in NYC some time ago. There were 6 of them. They pitched in and hired a limo to take them to all the places they wanted to see. Not a bad deal...

    nice candid

  2. Oh boy. The only one smiling is the lady painted on the side which brings a very nice, sharp contrast - sort of like the black and white color scheme.

  3. I can just about feel the heat through the screen in this one. It's been like that here too. Just vile.

    Remarkable capture!

  4. Been on one of those busses a couple of years was a beautiful day, fall in NY...

  5. I was probably one of those tourists back in May. Thankfully, it wasn't hot, hot, hot then. Have you ever ridden those double-decker buses? Because the buses are so high up, the street lights pretty much sweep across the top of the bus so if anyone was standing, they could potentially be hit by one of those things.

  6. Super composition! I'm guessing this might be a touch of posterization?

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