my sky

A superb sky
a water tower
the M104 bus stop sign
and last year's US Open flag

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!


  1. Now THAT's a signature shot if I ever saw one! Of course I didn't stop to look for the sig...

  2. You got a lot in this one. I like the cotton candy sky and the street sign and the water tower. Just can't get over all the water towers on the roofs in NYC!

  3. Hi Daryl, haven't been around for a while. I do enjoy your photos. Have a great weekend.

  4. Terrific shot as always, Daryl! And Mojo's right it is a signature shot! Happy SWF! Have a great weekend -- stay cool!


  5. Nice composition...thanks for keeping us 'looking up.'
    Hope you're keeping cool too.

  6. Very nice! The water tower is awesome!

  7. Love this! Looks so much cooler there in the shade of the buildings.
    I believe those are the fluffiest clouds I've ever seen! Hotter than hot and humid here too (what is hotter than hot?) hope you are staying cool today!

  8. Plus a summer twist!

    Now that photo is chock-a-block full of good stuff.

    wv: amscusn. Amscusn that my deck isn't stained yet, but it'll get there.

  9. Beautiful SKW photo

    Have a nice weekend


    p.s. I hate Word verification :-)

  10. I love looking at this top to bottom
    the dark shadows in contrast to the sky are so wonderful

  11. I always wonder if those water towers are still being used. If not, I guess they make interesting decorations?

  12. Looks like that was beautiful day in NYC! Pretty street scene with the shade trees and puffy clouds.


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