Almost 3 years ago I started this blog as a place to share my photos, but I've told that story before so lets just get to the point ...

Right before I went to BlogFest 2010 with some of the most wonderful women (and a few good men/husbands) my 'follower' count hit 300.

Thank you all for following me through New York City on and off the M104, as well as to the various places I have gone - I know I am digressing again - what is the point you are thinking - well the point is this:


To celebrate hitting this incredibly mind frickin' (I promised someone I would try to cut back on using the F word) number, I am having a give away.

Show me the love, leave me a comment here AND on Through My Eyes that contains the word or number 300.

At the end of the week THREE lucky winners names will be pulled out of a hat and prizes will sent.