waiting, patiently

this wonderful older 
was waiting on his person 
to stop 
chatting up 
the gallery owner


  1. He looks as stately as a lion...like he's holding court with all those around him.

  2. He seems laid back and doesn't look like he's in any hurry.

  3. Stately, yes, and I hope he's in air conditioning soon! What a peaceful face he/she has.

  4. Glad he is waiting and not
    chasing dinner. He looks like he could swallow you in one gulp.

  5. I think he's scouting out a new owner. He's had enough of the ankle bracelets because she keeps adding on instead of minimizing. Plus, he's not thrilled with her choice of tattoo. He's just not into them and had no idea when he signed on what his owner's tastes would be. Now, he has to take walks and stare at bracelets and tatoos, so he wants to check out other options.

    Oh wait...this isn't Tell me a story sunday is it?

  6. I think he is a bit annoyed..."where's my water" "I want a biscuit"...if dogs could talk, I think he would be professing loudly his demands!

  7. Awww...

    I really need to get back to the Cape. (We went to Brewster.)

  8. He is in charge! He will let his person know when its time to move on.
    I do love Chows, mine's name was Pandora and she was the queen of her domain for 15 years.
    CBW, you crack me up.

  9. he has such a sweet face
    and I love his color

  10. Aww! really cute. I hope he stays cool this Summer.

  11. he looks like a well worn and well loved stuffy my grand daughter has.

  12. My reaction was the same as many others - a lion! Not a lion, of course, but a stately and impressive canine with eyes that indicate loyalty and kindness!

  13. I love this beautiful chow, laid back, taking in everything going by. Just hanging out, taking it all in. I love the look on his face. What a beautiful shot.

  14. Looking so like a lion, my mind wandered....how come he/she can be among those legs, so indifferently.
    A proud look, too.

  15. I've heard them called "The Lion Dog", but I've never seen one that looked SO much like an actual lion before! Cool shot!


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