summer stock sunday/tell me a story

Another two-fer one ... Robin hosts Summer Stock Sundays,  to see the other summer shots click here.

And you know the drill .. tell me a story about the photo below, either here in the comment section or leave me a link to your story on your blog.

*over at Word Garden, Shay aka Fireblossom has written a story .. click here to read


  1. So there I was, minding my own business, when an alien spaceship landed right in front of me. Took me to the planet Bicyclus and asked me to train their national team for the upcoming Intergalactic Games. No really! Seriously, I'm telling you exactly what happened!

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  2. Brain not working yet. Need more coffee. Thanks for reminding me about Summer Stock Sunday.

  3. I do much better on my bicycle than I do on the soccer field! :(

  4. "Do your buns hurt as much as mine do?"

  5. "You really ought to be wearing a helmet." says the guy in green.

    "You really should watch out for that truck you are about to run into>" says the guy in the purple.

  6. Daryl, I wrote a story here in the comment box, but it turned out so well, I decided to post it at Word Garden later today. ;-)

  7. Guy on the left: "I told you, I'm really uncomfortable doing this. Biking just isn't my thing."

    Guy on the right: "Stop it. You're doing fine."

    Left: "But this outfit. It's sort of ridiculous. There was no way I was putting that helmet on."

    Right: "Just stop your bellyaching. If you stop talking and sit back and relax, you just might enjoy it."

    Left: "I doubt it. Hey, there's a nice little cafe up there and a cute girl sitting out front. I'm outta here."

    Right: "Loser. So much for some exercise. I'll see ya la..hey. She is cute. Get out of my way, I"m pulling over too."

  8. This is boring. Let's go to Westport and mess with all the drivers.

  9. Does this spandex make my butt look big?

  10. "I told you to wear your helmet"

    "It gives me helmet head!"

    "Who cares!? You're so vain, I want you to be safe"

    "Looking good is more important than being safe"

    "Sometimes I really don't know why I married you"

  11. Don't you know it's a LAW in NYS to wear a helmet?? By the way...did you see that chick we just passed??

  12. "I love these Sundays."

    "Me too."


    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  13. haha! love Chesapeake Bay Woman's story! I think they look like they're about to drag race.

  14. Hey let's pull over and go into Dunkin Donuts because after an hour of this bike riding we deserve a glazed and one with sprinkles and a cup of coffee.

  15. "My treads are bigger than yours..."

  16. Yeah, I was all set to ride in the Tour de France, but we went out drinking one night and I ended up in Germany. The race had already started.

    What? You don't believe me? Call Lance Armstrong, he'll tell you!


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