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The Cloisters in Ft Tyron Park
The Bonnefont Cloister contains 250 species of plants
cultivated in the Middle Ages
I visited there this past Friday
with my new BFF Mary (who does not blog)
who is friends with
who does
here and here


  1. wow, how cool is that? I'm sure what they cultivated tells a lot about the life & times of the people who lived back then too.
    That is so neat.

  2. gotta laugh Daryl...

    our lady's bedstraw.....made me think of my lonely kingsized bed..

    saz x

  3. I've heard of "Our Lady's" this and "Our Lady's" that, but never Our Lady's Bedstraw.

    How do "they" know what was cultivated in the Middle Ages?

    A very interesting post that poses several interesting questions.

  4. ...never heard of that plant! Love always.

  5. Bedstraw? Never heard of this one.
    Very interesting. And rather amusing.

  6. Maybe you should have held off on buying that new mattress. Our Lady's Bedstraw is probably rather inexpensive!!!

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip:)

  7. If they relied on me to keep it
    going, it would have faded with
    the ages.... no green thumb here .

    Enjoy your weekend getaway... keep em coming.

  8. WHat a wonderfully named plant, but it looks a little spikey!

    Have a great weekend away

  9. Wonderful name. Wonderful point of view. And yes, a WONDERFUL shadow on the label.

    And I am just about to email you with some (wonderful) news.

    So there!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. We visited the Cloisters when we were in NY and I loved it. There was so much to see and so much beauty. The teens were kind of bored though. I'd love to go again, this time without the teens, haha!

  12. Ha, our lady's bedstraw made me chuckle.

  13. Excellent sunlight and colors. Our Lady's Bedstraw is what I call my current hairstyle.

    wv: chapuno. A chapuno is an Englishman going stag on a trip to Spain.

  14. Wait. What? Our Lady's Bedstraw? WTF kind of bed is Our Lady sleeping in anyway?

    And I see you've gotten into botanical classifications! You are a woman of many talents.


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