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another water tower
they are
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Last water tower post someone asked in the comments section 'weren't the city names painted on the towers' (answer: this is New York City and there are a bazillion water towers, none so far that I have seen have NYC on them) and another wondered if the tower in question 'supplied water to the little rooftop chalet or the whole city' (answer: that water tower supplied water not just to that little chalet but to the entire building the chalet is perched atop, every building has its own water tower, amazing but true).

I would have loved to reply to those questions right then but the comments were made by two 'no-comment' commenters.

I cant reply to your comment unless you have linked your email to your comment.

There is a way to help rid this little problem and it’s so easy to do. Readers who have blogs can do the following:

    * Open your blog and click on the Customize link. It’s in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    * Click on the Dashboard link, also in the upper right hand corner.
    * Now click on Edit Profile, on the left hand size of the screen right next to your picture.
    * This takes you to the Edit User Profile screen.
    * Look in the Privacy section.
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    * In the Identity section, enter in an e-mail address.
    * Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Profile.

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