miscellaneous monday

Last weekend I was off to Massachusetts to spend the weekend with friends.  After a long delay at the airport here in NYC and a short flight to Boston the weekend got underway ... Saturday we drove into Boston and hopped the high speed ferry to Provincetown, a 90 minute trip.  Midway through the trip I succumbed (along with many others) to a bad bout of sea sickness.  I recovered. I will spare you the gory details as well as some of the nicer ones and say a nap can cure a lot of things.  I also regained my land legs and my appetite.  Did some retail therapy and then we drove back to Boston (a wonderful woman drove 2.5 hrs to come get us and take us back... I love you Joanne) after dinner at the Lobster Pot.

Before you can have lobsta, you gotta have some traps and they need to be marked with buoys like these

hope those lobstas 
get made into 

wanna see it 
close up?

it was delicious