miscellaneous monday

I snapped this 
I waited 
for my tuna burger to-go
Seems as if this is the not so new way to light up restaurants, 
the NY Times did a piece on it just last week
click here 
if you'd like to read it.


  1. Great shot. I would have taken
    this one , but not while waiting
    on a tuna burger... cheeseburger

  2. Tuna burger, yum. Isn't it funny how years ago a bare bulb would have been a disgrace to put up! Now it's all the rage!

  3. Does a beefy cop in a short-sleeved white shirt and loosened tie frown at you and say "Okay, let's go over your order one more time..."?

  4. Yep...I like those lights alot, and saw a group of them hanging in a B&B recently =)

  5. Not sure I like the bare bulb look in a room, but that photo is wonderful!

  6. Yes, I've noticed this as well...our local fav restaurant uses much the same design.

  7. Amazing photo! It takes a pro to capture something like that. I'd end up with a bright blur.

  8. This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine...

    "skiness" what kinda WV is that?
    does my butt look fat on this blog?

  9. hmmm...
    Looks light something right out of Rejuvenation's catalog!

    «Louis» apologizes for not stopping by last week. He had little time for the computer...

  10. I love these lights. Cdub just put up some cool lights in that mancave he is working on!

  11. I like the way you shot the light. Interesting shot.

  12. every little thing is imbued with DARYL :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  13. I'm sure you were sitting there staring at that light when you got the great idea of photographing it...what better symbol of a great idea!

    And it's shots like this that make you light up the blogosphere!

  14. That Edelstein lady sure gets around - she's in the lightbulb business too?

    Beautiful shot. That trend hasn't hit down here yet, and it probably never will because we don't know about trends. Indoor plumbing was the latest trend bandwagon we jumped on.

  15. I think they sell those at the hardware store but with bright yellow cords...that trend is popular in all garages in the area. Seriously, I like it and the little curl in the dohickey that hides the wires makes the look.

    Fantastic shot!

  16. I thought people would prefer fluorescent bulbs these days. Any pictures of your tuna burger? :D

  17. First you're a naturalist, now you're Edison? You never cease to amaze me D.

    I was thinking of Five Napkin Burger this weekend as I was grilling my own version of that delicacy: "Damnitall Nacho Burgers"

  18. I love the shot, Daryl. I have not noticed these being the trend, but ambiance is a very important aspect of a restaurant/club or grill and so i do understand the rage it must be, but perhaps some Kerosene lamps would be even better. . .


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