good vibes needed

Many of you likely know Bobbie
she posts wonderful helpful posts on her blog here 

Today I went by to see what's up 
discovered she's in hospital, her daughter, Kitty, posted to let her friends know
its serious stuff. 

While Bobbie is young at heart,
her heart is not so young and not doing so well 
keep her in your thoughts 
(if you are inclined that way)


  1. Actually, I don't think I know her (I might... who can keep up?), but I'm always good for a vibe/thought regardless. Get well soon Bobbie! And good on ya for the karma roundup D.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I'm going to check out her blog now, never visited before.

  3. Positive thoughts to Bobbi and I'll remember her when I'm sending Reiki. x

  4. Thank you, Daryl, I was just wondering why I hadn't seen her blog the past couple of days. I'm headed there now!


  5. Thanks for the head's up... sending thoughts her way.

  6. good on you
    Bobbie is a jewel in blog land
    and on the entire planet

  7. I went and read a couple of posts and she is a delightful thoughtful writer.

    Thanks for sending me Daryl.

  8. Daryl, I don't know Bobbie, but I intend to visit her blog, and yes, she will be in my thoughts and prayers. May the good vibes work their magic...

  9. I've never visited her blog, but will keep Bobbie in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks Daryl for letting us know.

  10. I hope she recovers, it's never an easy thing to go through for anyone involved.

    I used to see hospitals as clean and bright places full of doctors yet highly boring. After losing someone very dear to me and spending hours upon hours inside those clean, bright walls full of doctors I find them mentally torturous.

    I'm not inclined but my heart and thoughts go out to your friend and her family.

    btw, the wv must have read my mind before i began to's "prizen"

  11. So sad to hear this kind of stuff about fellow bloggers.


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