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  1. I just dropped by to say a quick hello. Things have been hectic around here.

    Love the picture. I think he is sitting in the same spot he was when he last talked to his neighborhood sweetheart 50 years ago. He's hoping she'll walk past one day and he'll be able to rekindle the romance of their's magical thinking he knows...but he's always been a dreamer.

  2. When I was a kid, those ice cream cones cost a NICKEL! A nickel I tell ya!

  3. George wished he'd put more comfortable shoes on for his walk this morning.

  4. With the hospital band still on his wrist, he anxiously waits for her. After this last scare, he's decided it's about time to deal with the old wounds between himself and his daughter.
    He waits at the bench, looking for her face. It's a face he hasn't seen for more than twenty years.

  5. it is a lovely photo Daryl, especially in B&W
    for some reason it makes me sad and I don't want to compose a sad story

    it's just one of those days I think

  6. Oh, the sweet thing! He's waiting on the bus to take him to the clinic to discuss his heart condition with the doctor. The prognosis hasn't been good recently. He's hoping that all the bran and oats he's been eating will help.

    Where's a port-a-john when you need one?

  7. Darn! It's Sunday once again and I need a photo for my blog. Darn!

  8. I like Country Girl's story; I was going to write something about waiting for his 'girlfriend,'too. Also agree with Dianne that it makes me a bit sad...maybe it's also because of our continuing horrendous wet and dark weather.

    I need one of those ice creams.

  9. While waiting for his wife - How long does it take to pick out a pair of shoes?!

  10. He's sitting there just happy to be alive watching all the young girls feeling young at heart and wishing his walker was a motorcycle so he could drive off with the wind in his face and a hot chick on the back of his bike:-)

  11. It sure is nice to be outside in the sunshine and away from those cranky nurses and that crazy old broad in the next room!

  12. (Since there is a Zabar's sign in the back and since I fell in love with Zabar's on my trip to NYC) I'll say... He has just come from Zabar's where he sat at the counter and had is bagle & shmear; a Sunday tradition for as long as he can remember. In the bag now tied to his walker is another bagel, for his wife. As he waits for the bus to take him back home, he looks around at the busy streets full of energy & life and thinks to himself, "There's no other place I'd rather be."

  13. The car hop is taking so long that I've had to trade in my car for a walker. Service here is miserable!

  14. There have been SEVEN of these story photos? Oh my. Where have I been?

    Just read Stevie's story. How sweet is that??? All of these comments are great, Daryl. Only a great photo could inspire such great comments.

  15. All I can think of is that he has a bag tied to his walker to take home "extras" from the buffet - that skill of the "greatest generation."

  16. If only Annie was here ... she would know what to do. Just one of her smiles, that's all I need. One of her beautiful smiles that lights up the world - it would make everything feel better. Oh Annie, how I miss you.

  17. K-k-k-Katie, Oh My Katie,
    I've been waiting here
    on the corner
    for such a long while
    waiting waiting
    with a smile
    on this beautiful day
    in the merry merry month
    of May!

    splendid rudbeckia behind him-what color?

  18. Her name is ZA, and she's a delicious Tart!

  19. "Hee hee! There I was, on the M104, minding my own business. Then that punk with all that ink and those weird piercings got right in my face, snarling and demanding I give him my seat. I may look frail, but that walker upside his tattooed head changed his tune in a big hurry! I may look like only the embers are left, but when the occasion calls for it, the fire is still there!"

    (Based on a real incident in Oakland on AC Transit.)

  20. Maybe I should have got on the bus... Maybe I should get some tennis balls for my walker... Maybe I should-- argh, lost it...


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