a lucky tale

Big Hair Envy sent me this:

I hung out with Bubblewench and Scott for a bit while Lucky ran around and
got some of her pent up energy out. After her initial apprehension, it
THRILLED me that she took to her new parents so quickly! Scott was
walking her on a grassy area, and a family came up to him and asked
about her breed and her paw. He answered their questions as if she had
been with him from day one!! Evidently, Lucky is a "Good People"

It was difficult to leave her (yes, I blubbered), but I just knew she
was going where she needs to be. It also makes me feel good to know
that there are so many other folks out there that are concerned about
Lucky's well being, and will follow her progress as she grows up. Look
for some pictures on my blog later today....she's a beauty!!

((hugs)) to all

And Bubblewench sent me these - Lucky and her new parents and then Lucky in her forever home with two of her new cat pals


  1. Yeah for Lucky!! Looks like she got a fabulous forever home!!

  2. Yup, life is very good.

    wv: snesstr Lucky is so lucky to have two cat snesstrs now!

  3. Oh how sweet. I hope that sweet pup has a happy life!

  4. A very happy ending to a "tail" that could have been so sad. Here's to Bubblewrench and husband for their good deed.

  5. I am thrilled that Lucky has a wonderful home and family!! I was very worried about that sweet dog. Thank you so much Bubblewench and hubby for adopting Lucky!! Thanks to Daryl for spreading the word!!

    Oh, what is wrong with his paw? I hope it will be okay

  6. a very lucky tale indeed! love a happy ending xxo

  7. Oh, I love a happy ending, Daryl!! And, yes, life is definitely good! Thanks so much for letting us know! Have a great week!


  8. how freeking cool is that? I cry at happy endings. sniff,

  9. I love happy endings! :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my birthday.

    Have a great week!

  10. I am so happy that Lucky has a family and I'm sure they'll all be happy together.

  11. Look at the three of them - in both photos! they all just look like they've been together forever!

  12. the cats appear to be tolerating their new sibling
    and so quickly!
    it's all so wonderful

  13. Awww... oh wait. That's me! That's our puppy. ;)

  14. GOOD!
    «Louis» is happy this cute dog is now in a good home!

  15. How adorable! They all totally fit together. You did good!


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